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by:CNS     2019-10-18
Congress is likely to ease regulation of air freight companies before the election recess this year, raising interest in Tiger International, the controlling company holding the Flying Tiger Line.
Feihu Airlines is a certified mail and freight carrier with cross-continental and Trans-Pacific routes.
Executives on the line have long sought ways to expand the line to make better use of the equipment.
The company was restricted to the northern states of the country, and three years ago the company tried to arrange a merger with airfreight International, which was then a troubled Miami air cargo company that owned
International Procurement for air transport is over, but it now appears that deregulation will make it possible for the Flying Tigers to eventually serve any city.
The tiger line is profitable, but it would be better if the line added flexibility on the line.
Its planes often fly to Tokyo, half full and full.
If the Flying Tiger can fly the triangle route-
Landing in Southern states
Then, the company\'s aircraft will probably be able to fly more fully in the Pacific Ocean.
It was also argued that for the same reason the route to the west coast could be served more effectively.
Air freight is usually between 10 p. M.
Hours early in the morning
When the passenger service is lightest.
Under this system, air freight companies are often trapped the next day after dawn delivery, and passenger service connects the runway.
For example, the Flying Tigers want to fly to Dayton, Ohio, and charge shipping fees from the city-based Emory air freight company.
Under the current restrictions, only trans-world airlines can pick up there. E.
Institutional analyst Magnus Oppenheim believes Tiger International shares are cheap
Even without deregulation
According to the company\'s relatively poor air cargo division, the stock closed at 11: 00 on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday.
Tiger International traded as much as 13 pounds this year, down to 10.
A record high of 42 was set in 1972.
Since the Arab oil cartel raised prices sharply, jet fuel prices have soared, and the stock has been under pressure. Mr.
According to Oppenheim, Tiger International\'s earnings per share in 1977 will rise from $1 to $2. 61 in 1976.
He added that if the economy improves next year, the company will increase its results by 10 to 1977 on 15%, which is also in the absence of deregulation.
He believes that the deregulation will
Oppenhelm\'s point is to bring a \"brand new game\" to the air freight section \". Meanwhile, Mr.
The tiger is \"very diverse,\" Oppenheim said.
\"Tiger is one of the largest tank car rental companies in the United States.
The company is also engaged in leasing computers, aircraft and industrial equipment.
At the end of 1976, Tiger acquired the mortgage insurance business and benefited from record housing starts and the boom in the existing housing market. Andrew B.
Kim from Eberstadt & Company has been there.
Recommend Tiger stock based on other revenue sources of concern-
It\'s mainly rail cars. Mr.
Gold expects the Tiger to make $1.
80 per share this year.
He expects the company to make $2.
1978-40 per share-
Air cargo control was not canceled.
In any case, there is a negative impact.
If the economy slows down in 1978, as many expect, Tiger\'s air freight revenue could fall, especially if the industry does not relax regulation.
At the same time, the trade situation in the eastern part of fax has been sluggish due to the decline in export rates in Japan and elsewhere.
If interest rates rise as expected in some quarters, the leasing business may be adversely affected as it is financed by bank loans.
If the real estate market is to shrink, the company\'s mortgage insurance business will be affected.
All of this led the third analyst to comment that, in his case, deregulation is the reason why stocks are attractive.
Even so, he doesn\'t think the stocks are particularly attractive.
The price is relatively low.
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