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Maybe in the future of aviation transportation industry are to be completed by the data to a series of process

by:CNS     2020-08-20
Maybe in the future of aviation transportation industry a series of processes are to be completed by the data to the rapid rise of the air freight, let people all over the world saw in the speed of transport and guarantee the safety of goods. But is this not the beginning. In the early days, this is a very risky job. But from the start, the government realized that just rely on speed to get advantage is not enough. Just need someone to guarantee the safety of the goods, to make transportation more safely. In 2013, with 36. 4 million air transport which has 16 times the goods damage accident. Early in a jet flying machine transport goods, the goods damage probability as high as 28%. After people realize the importance of the goods safety, continuously improve itself, became today's airline industry. Shanghai airlines cargo has invested to build the world's largest safety information database. We call it the global aviation GADM data management. Ability to develop analysis, parsing the data depth. Ensure that every moment of the day to monitor the goods, ship and personnel information, to ensure transparency of transportation. Let the customer more trust, more satisfied with our service. When we are looking forward to the future, the air freight will be a very important point. But will be data to determine the truth of security. Will produce a lot of data in each flight, you will need to professionals to obtain and analyze these data, to understand the status of the plane. And the airport there is data, IATA from our security audit data and presentation plan. The engine and airframe manufacturers have important safety data. On earth could also no other industry generated so much data.
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