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Maybe you argue that the external appearance is

by:CNS     2020-06-26
The following is the best way for a mature man to perform optimally to make a women surrender her love or a business partner surrender his shares to be managed: 1. Simple Of course you want to wear clothing that can make you look attractive and cool, but do not be excessive. Men's vintage clothing is the best choice to be attractive, cool and simple person. 2. Choose the right size - fit is king. Make sure that the size of your clothes is fit with your body, because this is the most important thing in an appearance. Many men wear the oversized clothing for their bodies. 3. Casual Change your perception of casual - casual does not mean boring. Many men are always wearing T-shirts and jeans. To give a unique impression, try something different like vintage rock tees. Add some accessories like belts, bracelets, or silver chains. 4. Do not Shop Alone Invite your friends, especially women if you want to buy clothes. 5. Adjust with the event Of course you may not wear a coat with a tie at the hangout places. Fit well with other people who come to the event. 6. Match The primary rule in dressing is harmony of colors and styles. If you use a corduroy jacket or blazer, then you can combine with jeans, vintage denim or cargo pants. 7. Use the Best Shoes It may be easy to keep clothes clean and look new, but most men do not care about their shoes. Show to others that you're a classy guy having the best shoes. This is the quickest way to show to others that you care about yourself. 8. Use the Underwear Underwear is used to absorb sweat, oil or dirt on the body. . 9. Ignore the Trend You should not wear clothes just because it's the current trend. Use clothing that is comfortable to you, and then add a few accessories or knick-knacks. 10. Experimenting with the style Learn new things in fashion like how to dress. Do not be afraid to try and make mistakes. Many men are afraid to express themselves through style, so you should find the best vintage clothing website to express you. 11. Upgrade your Shaving The unshaven whiskers can kill the sex desire of your female friends 12. Note the model of your hair Hair is also one of the main things that must be noticed. The wrong hairstyle will degrade the quality of your appearance. Thus, if you want to go to hangout with your friends or attending a formal event or want to attract a beautiful woman, do not forget to follow the man's fashion tips above.
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