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Measures for warehouse temperature control

by:CNS     2021-07-16
Warehouse temperature control measures 2021-06-20 17:32:45 In addition to the cold storage, the temperature of the warehouse is directly affected by the weather temperature, and the temperature of the stocked goods also changes synchronously with the weather temperature. When the temperature of the cargo is high, it will melt, expand, and soften, and it will be prone to decay, volatilization, aging, spontaneous combustion, and even physical explosion; when the temperature is too low, it will become brittle, freeze crack, liquid freeze and expand. Generally speaking, the vast majority of goods can maintain normal conditions at room temperature. The temperature control of ordinary warehouses is mainly to avoid direct sunlight on the goods, because the surface temperature under direct sunlight is much higher than the air temperature, even doubled in the noon. Warehouse building shading and canopy shading are used for warehouse shading. Of course, different building materials have different shading effects, and the concrete structure has the best shading effect. For heat-resistant goods, they should be stored in the warehouse where the sun cannot directly shine. For goods that are more sensitive to temperature, water can be sprayed to cool down when the temperature is high. For goods that are afraid of water, water can be sprayed on thatch covers and warehouse roofs to cool down. In the evening or night when the sun is reduced, the cover of the goods in the storage yard is properly ventilated, which is also an effective way to cool and store the goods in the open storage yard. Self-heating of cargo is an important reason for cargo damage due to temperature rise. For goods that are prone to self-heating, the temperature of the goods should be checked frequently. When it is found to be heating up, Guangzhou Logistics can adopt methods such as increasing ventilation and sprinkling water to cool down, and flip the heat of the goods to cool down. If necessary, measures such as storing ice cubes in the stack and releasing dry ice can be used to cool down. In addition, the heat source in the warehouse will also cause the temperature to rise, and the heat source in the warehouse should be avoided or avoided in the high temperature season. In the severe cold season, when the temperature is extremely low, a heating device can be used to heat each pair of goods to prevent freezing. In the case of sudden cold waves, the warmth and cover of the goods before the arrival of the cold waves also has a short-term warmth effect.
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