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by:CNS     2021-04-04
Meet Xuanyang International Air Transport Logistics: 2016-05-16 07:23:00 Meet Xuanyang International Air Transport Logistics Xuanyang International Logistics takes advantage of the dense international flights of the three major airports of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and takes advantage of the developed expressway network in South China , Equipped with safe and fast truck transportation, leverage on the various policy advantages of Hong Kong Free Trade Port and Shenzhen Special Zone Free Trade Zone, and vigorously develop air logistics services in the Greater Pearl River Delta. With the help of an efficient road transport network and professional customs clearance capabilities, we can provide domestic and foreign manufacturers and importers with high-quality air transportation and value-added services. Xuanyang International Logistics is a bridge for domestic enterprises to go to the world and a shortcut for foreign goods to enter China, providing you with comprehensive and high-quality air transportation services. Air export: provide direct flights and transit cargo services for dozens of internationally renowned airlines in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other airports, and have established close cooperative relations with more than a dozen well-known airlines, and can obtain the goods under the premise of ensuring the space. The ideal negotiated freight rate. Advantageous routes: The company's on-site operation team is an indispensable part of the company's pride. All operators have undergone high-intensity, long-term, professional system training and a high degree of professionalism, thereby ensuring the accuracy and safety of cargo operations, especially the core of valuables such as mobile phones, IT products, and high-end clothing. The superior transportation service project is the 'signature module' that the company has a leading position in the industry and has a good reputation. The following are American airlines: American airlines MU, F4, BR, QF, Y8, UPS, PO, SQ, CX, KE, OZ, JL, UA, AA, CO, AC, AM, HU, BA, LX, EK , PR, CZ International air cargo acceptance scope: heavy machinery, molds, mechanical machinery parts, toys, furniture and other air export service advantages: * customer service team dedicated counterpart services, convenient and efficient * professional customs and inspection services * competitive The price of local services* Strong ground handling capabilities and rich experience in handling special cargo* With an export warehouse of 5,500 square meters at Hong Kong International Airport, it can provide customers with one-stop service* Signed a package with more than ten airlines With the package quantity agreement, we can provide customers with stable services during peak seasons to the greatest extent. Air freight export proliferation services: * Sorting / repacking * Relabeling * Agent chemical identification / magnetic identification / wood packaging fumigation * Temporary storage of goods * Hanging operation * List Certificate management/foreign trade agency* Operation of dangerous goods/valuables* Notification of damaged goods by taking photos and assisting in handling them* Consultation services on relevant laws and regulations* Agents for all kinds of cargo transportation insurance* Tracking services under abnormal conditions of goods* Inquiry services for abnormal conditions of goods
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