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Method for classifying objects of loading and unloading operations

by:CNS     2021-07-08
Method for classification of loading and unloading operation objects 2021-06-20 18:08:081. Single-piece operation method Single-piece operation method refers to the method of loading and unloading the goods individually and piece by piece, which is the dominant method in the manual loading and unloading stage. At present, when loading and unloading machinery involves various fields of loading, unloading and handling, single-piece and piece-by-piece loading and unloading methods still exist. Mainly applicable to: First, the unique safety attributes of a single piece of cargo; Second, there is no or unsuitable mechanical loading and unloading in loading and unloading situations; Third, the shape of the goods is special, the volume is too large, and it is not convenient to use containerized operations. 2. Container operation method The container operation method refers to the method of loading and unloading the containers (boxes, nets, bags, etc.) after the goods are collected into pieces (consolidation). This method can be divided into container operation method, pallet operation method, cargo bale operation method, and skateboard operation method according to different containerization methods. (3) Container operation method. Container loading and unloading and handling operations at the port are mainly vertical loading and unloading by straddle carriers, tire gantry cranes, and rail gantry cranes, and horizontal loading and unloading mainly by trailers and forklifts. In railway stations, rail gantry cranes are used for vertical loading and unloading, and forklifts and translational loaders are used for horizontal loading and unloading. (2) Tray operation method. The pallet operation method is to use forklifts as the main machinery for loading and unloading pallets, that is, forklift pallets. Horizontal loading and unloading pallets mainly use handling vehicles and roller conveyors; vertical loading and unloading pallets mainly use elevators, cargo elevators, etc.; and in automated warehouses, bridge stackers and lane stackers are used to complete the warehouse shelves. Retrieving, storing, loading and unloading inside. (3) Cargo bundle operation method. The bundling operation method is to first unitize the cargo bundles (container bags, nets, etc.), and then use gantry cranes, bridge cranes, and forklifts with special spreaders that are matched with various frame-contained cargoes. Loading, unloading and handling is a popular way of containerized operations. (4) Skateboard operation method. The method of skateboard operation is to use a skateboard with wings that is consistent with the size of the pallet to carry the goods to form a handling operation system, and then use a forklift with a push-pull device to carry out loading and unloading operations. 3. Bulk operation method Bulk operation method refers to the bulk and unloading method for bulk cargo such as coal, building materials, ore, and grain, cement, fertilizer, grain, raw salt, etc. The purpose is to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading and reduce the cost of loading and unloading. There are mainly gravity method, tipping method, mechanical method, pneumatic conveying method and so on. (1) Gravity operation. Gravity operation is a method of using the potential energy of the cargo to complete the loading and unloading operations. For example, gravity unloading refers to the unloading method in which the bottom-opening car or hopper car automatically opens the doors on the overhead line or unloading tunnel, and the bulk cargo such as coal or ore flows out by gravity. (2) Tipping method operation. The tipping method is a method of tipping the cargo part of the vehicle to unload the cargo. For example, dump trucks rely on hydraulic cylinders to lift cargo boxes to unload cargo. (3) Mechanical operation method. The mechanical operation method refers to the use of various loading and unloading machinery (such as belt conveyors, bucket chain loaders, single bucket loaders, grab buckets, excavators, etc.) to achieve loading and unloading through operations such as scooping, grabbing, and shoveling. The purpose of the removal. (4) Pneumatic conveying method. Pneumatic conveying method is a method of using a fan to form a one-way airflow in the pipe of a pneumatic conveyor, and relying on the flow of gas or the difference in air pressure to convey goods.
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