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Methods of Supply Chain Management

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Methods of supply chain management 2021-06-20 12:26:38 Common methods of supply chain management include quick response (QR) and effective customer response (ECR). Quick Response (QR) means that logistics companies face a multi-variety, small-batch buyer's market. Instead of stocking 'productsExtract 'elementsQR is a supply chain management method developed by the US textile and apparel industry. Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) is a supply chain management strategy developed from the US grocery industry in 1992. It is also a supply chain management solution that is composed of finished products in the supply chain of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. All parties coordinate and cooperate with each other to better, faster, and lower cost to meet the needs of consumers. Effective customer response is a supply management strategy that is based on the principle of meeting customer requirements and minimizing logistics process costs. It can respond accurately in time and optimize the logistics supply or service process provided. The difference between QR and ECR ECR mainly targets the food industry, and its main goal is to reduce the cost of each link in the supply chain and improve efficiency. QR is mainly concentrated in the general merchandise and textile industries, and its main goal is to respond quickly to customer needs and quickly replenish goods. This is because the product characteristics of the grocery industry and the textile and garment industry are different: most of the products operated by the grocery industry are some product functional products, and each product has a relatively long lifespan (except for fresh food). Therefore, the order quantity is too large. The loss of too much (or too little) is relatively small. The products operated by the textile and garment industry are mostly innovative products, and each product has a relatively short lifespan. Therefore, the loss caused by too many (or too few) orders is relatively large. The focus is different. QR focuses on shortening the lead time of delivery and quickly responding to customer needs; ECR focuses on reducing and eliminating waste in the supply chain, and improving the effectiveness of supply chain operations. Differences in management methods. QR mainly uses information technology to achieve rapid reissuance, and shortens the time to market through joint product development. In addition to the rapid and effective introduction of new products, ECR also implements effective product management and effectively promotes rolling. The applicable industries are different. QR is suitable for high unit value, strong seasonality, and poor substitutability. Prolonged time is to eliminate out-of-stock to the greatest extent, and only purchase when the product is in demand. The focus of ECR u200bu200breform is efficiency and cost. The focus of the reform is different. The focus of QR reform is the speed of replenishment and ordering, with the aim of eliminating shortages to the greatest extent and purchasing only when the goods are in demand. The focus of ECR u200bu200breform is efficiency and cost. The common feature is that it transcends the boundaries between enterprises and pursues logistics efficiency through cooperation. It is specifically manifested in the following three aspects: (1) The sharing of commercial information among trading partners; (2) Commodity suppliers step into the retail industry and provide high-quality logistics services; (3) All inter-enterprise ordering and delivery services are passed EDI is used to realize the paperless transmission of order data or shipping data. Browse the methods of supply chain management can also browse: logistics strategy key resources
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