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Micro marketing | do you know the consumer of the top ten psychology? ( On) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-19
2018 - 06 - First: 15 14:45:00 face psychological Chinese have a saying: give others face is to give oneself face. For shop in taobao, or independent retail stores or where your face? Is your store general layout, the overall style. If the whole image of the collocation with you ( Prominent up) , content, Wearing designer) , services ( Communication protocol) , yes you face, so you want to put these do. First analyse the consumers form, can deal with communication protocol. Advocate: the sponsor of the product purchase, his face is what I recommend, certainly is good, how can cause others to recommend your product, this is a kind of situation. Decision makers: is in charge. Men alone or women take charge of? Or parents alone or himself alone? These are all can be found in the process of consultation. Men and women need to face the parents face his face. Effects: is often challenged, often complain about people. As far as possible to minimize the effects of influencers, the enterprise initiative to absence made him. User: for a variety of miscellaneous doubts, don't understand. Ask questions. After followers: is to see the other people to buy, they will buy. The eye also good man. Because Chinese people to face is particularly seriously, face kung fu do half the goods are sold. The second: a herd mentality of the Chinese like lively. How the atmosphere of the foil on the net, is in digital, so as to reach the purpose of conformity. Such as why every shop taobao mall to do hot style, is to cause the conformity of the customer. Third: authority psychological what is authority? We should, with authentication, authorization, media experts abroad. First the authority appraisal, authority is not authority, be sure to look down, that is opportunity. For example, a simple scrapping plate will have five certification. Only is the nature of the certification test, can also be more: for example, experts say, star said, a prominent example. Fourth: take advantage of the psychological remember, take advantage of the psychological not sell something cheap. Rather that wrap $l0 things as a value of 100 yuan, give him lose 50, made him feel enjoy a fifty percent discount. It's someone will ask. Difficult to general consumers didn't ability to estimate? Through additional selling point, the product is unique to you, there is no comparable, the price is not transparent. Refined product sellers such as the following several aspects: 1, the product itself, 2, 3, 4 manufacturing company, consumers 5, newspaper media reports 6, the relevant certification 7, associated with traditional history, culture, product selling point of digging, no value added amount of hype is also on the increase of added value. Fifth: the psychology of the inconstancy of the uncertain, or after psychological and buy after feeling is not worth? Mainly by value-added services. When doing the product to be targeted, especially sales better item ( Baotuibaohuan. ) 。 And, within a period of time prescribed, pin was done not have. To better use, you can according to the data set.
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