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Micromarketing|Do you know the top ten psychology of consumers? CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-08
Micromarketing|Do you know the top ten psychology of consumers? :2018-06-21 10:25:00 Sixth: Price psychology is also the art of pricing. It should be noted that 'take the middle line as the baseline, up and down can be down.' Rising prices should emphasize that the price pays for a good product. Good products are not cheap. Falling should highlight the quality of goods and prices. Guaranteed. In the case of product homogeneity, its added value is indeed the focus of sales. For consumers, while they value the product, they also pay more attention to its added value. For now, in addition to the reputation, glory and self-confidence brought to customers, the added value is more of after-sales service. Seventh: Show off psychology List the capital that makes customers show off. The capital you show off is also the capital that customers show off. Customers don’t know where to show off, so you have to teach them. Eighth: Grassroots psychology We are all ordinary people. All have the dream of becoming a star. You need to stimulate his potential. How can people consume it and become the focus of other people's attention? Two words: share. Vancl is the first step in this site. Ninth: Comparing psychology The so-called comparative psychology is actually comparing with the people around you. When you sell products, you must have a kind of comparison mind. My home is more expensive than his home, but my home's expensive is good, or that my home is cheap is cost-effective. There is a reason to be expensive. Cheap has the benefits of being cheap. Tenth: Lazy psychology Everyone is lazy. E-commerce is particularly important, so for e-commerce purchases should be simple, payment should be simple, and return should be simple. So this is the cash on delivery, the clothes can be tried on. Direct returns that do not fit, free return and so on.
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