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Mobile power lithium batteries and other export how dangerous goods shipped by air?

by:CNS     2020-04-11
管理部( 危险货物) , that is, the dangerous goods. Common DG cargo is mobile power supply, lithium batteries, electric cars, scooters, balance cars, solar power systems, etc. , these goods how to air export? IATA will have PI965 ( IA/IB) Goods as dangerous goods, PI965 into IA ( More than 100 wh power) And the IB ( Power is less than 100 wh) , IA need to use the UN box packing, the piece of no more than 35 kg; The IB ordinary carton. DG cargo one of the most important features: use only cargo transport ( And only exported from Hong Kong, the mainland can't) carriage of such goods 。 According to the method of export shipping department mainly have the PO, RU, OZ, KZ, ZP, 5 s, WE, 5 y, KE, K4, mainly radiation Europe and the United States, India and Pakistan in the Middle East, South America and parts of Asia. The concrete operation process is as follows: goods to Hong Kong warehouse packing label, sign the DGD ( The paper) And sent to the airport to send the inspection need to 2 - 3 working days, met on Saturday Sunday postpone! - the inspection through the station Stand By at the airport, according to the season, the off-season warehouse hours are not fixed, but will row. Shipping department is priority to general cargo, DG will behind general cargo aircraft, so DG positions aging requirements is not too good, do not specify flight! Flight information must be at the airport cargo terminal inspection passed to. DG cargo is all to the airlines arrange ( In bulk) , no bubble! DG cargo specific packaging requirements: 1, the case enough new hard enough, there can be fold damaged. 2, the carton don't post any marked, Shipping mark) All the battery label, UN marked are in HK warehouse. 3, the piece should not exceed 10 kg. ( PI965 IB) 。 4, again into the tray/card board delivery, in order to avoid damage in the process of box ( HK warehouse don't have enough boxes to replace) 。 5, power of more than 100 wh, want to use the UN box packaging, piece of no more than 35 kg. If in HK in the UN, 120 HKD/a. The unit price + 2 HKD/KG. 6, if the goods to HK warehouse, box and tray case of damage. In ordinary HKD 50 cartons/a, pallet 350 HKD/a ( Plus a handling fee HKD 350 / ticket) 。 The goods are to be provide MSDS + UN38. 3, if no file, HKD 350 / BL document charge. Goods to HK warehouse, we packing, the inspection need 2 working days! ( Encounter weekend day of rest (back) The inspection by hand in the airport cargo terminal warehouse. Normally all positions at priority order, after row of DG cargo. So 2 - the back of DG cargo delivery station 3 days is very normal! Reminder of the DG shipment can not be too tight! ( Longer season)
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