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Mode of operation of international air cargo transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-14
The mode of operation of international air cargo transportation 2021-06-20 10:07:201. Airline transportation Airline transportation is the transportation of fixed departure, arrival, and transit stations during the designated period. General airlines often use dual-purpose aircraft to carry small quantities of goods while carrying passengers; large airlines with sufficient supply of goods open up regular cargo flights on some routes and use all-cargo aircraft for transportation. Because the flight has fixed routes, fixed departure and arrival stations and stops, and sails regularly, the sender and consignee can accurately grasp the time of departure and arrival, and can ensure that the goods are safely and quickly delivered to the world and put on the market. Therefore, the flight Transportation is very popular with traders, especially for the transportation of urgently needed commodities, fresh and perishable goods and valuable goods in the international market. However, because flights are generally passenger-oriented and have limited cargo spaces, they cannot meet the timely delivery of large quantities of goods, and sometimes they need to be transported in installments and batches. 2. Chartered Air Transport The way in which the charterer uses the aircraft of the air transport company to carry goods for a certain purpose is called cargo charter transportation. Charterers applying for charter flights should contact the carrier with a letter of introduction or a valid personal ID to negotiate the conditions of the charter flight. Both parties agree to sign a charter flight contract and perform their respective responsibilities and obligations as stipulated in the charter flight contract. When the charterer and the carrier execute the charter flight contract, each freight charter flight shall fill in an air waybill as the transport certificate for the charter flight. The charterer and the carrier may determine the escort according to the nature of the goods, and the escort shall purchase passenger tickets and go through the check-in procedures in accordance with the carrier's regulations. The charterer shall ensure that the consignment does not contain any items prohibited and restricted by the laws, administrative regulations and other relevant regulations of the relevant country, and shall deliver the goods to the designated airport in advance, and go through customs, inspection and quarantine and other export procedures by themselves. . The charterer can make full use of the tonnage of the chartered aircraft 9 but shall not exceed the maximum load capacity of the aircraft. If the carrier needs to use the remaining tonnage of the charter flight, it shall negotiate with the charterer. 3. The package cabin or package container (board, shed) transportation package cabin or package container (board, shed) means that the cargo consigned by the shipper needs to exclusively occupy the aircraft cargo compartment or container, pallet, and container shed for a certain period of time. The carrier needs to take special measures to guarantee a business method. The shipper should contact the carrier with the letter of introduction or personal ID to negotiate the transportation conditions of the cabin or package container (board, shed), and sign a transportation contract. The chartered cabin or package container (board, shed) is only limited to direct flights and will not be accepted. Transit business. The shipper and the carrier shall perform their respective responsibilities and obligations as stipulated in the chartered space or packaged container (board, shed) contract.
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