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Multimodal transport, how strong are you? ( On) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-22
2018 - 05 - 18 16:22:00 multimodal transport & throughout; And the related concepts. 1) English expression of multimodal transport are: Multi - 模型运输或国际米兰- 模型运输或联合运输; The multimodal transport operator: MTO = multimodel transport operater or ITO = intermodel transport operator or CTO = combined transport operator. Multimodal transport ( 通道间) : to join each other by two and above transport, transshipment and complete transportation are collectively referred to as composite transport, customarily call multimodal transport in our country. The United Nations convention on international multimodal transport of goods under the international multimodal transport is defined as: according to the international multimodal transport contract, with at least two different modes of transportation, by the multimodal transport operator put the cargo from domestic to take over the site shipped from one country to another country within the territory of the delivery specified location. And China's maritime law for the regulation of domestic multimodal transport is, must have a way is by sea. 2) Multimodal Transport B/L or Intermodal Transport B/L referred to as a Multimodal Transport bill of lading, similar to the FBL Combidoc and MTD ( Multidoc或多式联运D ocument) Combidoc is by BIMCO ( The Baltic and international maritime conference) , usually used for operating the multimodal transport operator of the ship. FBL for deep combined transport bill of lading. Deep is a federation of international freight forwarders association ( Deep as an international freight forwarders association French abbreviation instead of abbreviations! ) FBL( FIATAB / L) Is deep, is for the use of freight agent of the multimodal transport operator. Multidoc is by UNCTAD ( UnitedNations Committee of Trade And Development of the United Nations conference on Trade And Development) Implemented to facilitate the convention on international multimodal transport. Note: the use of C in China. T. 提单( 联合运输提单) , its function, function, nature is similar to the above several documents. ( Content from the network, for reference only)
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