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north korea demands return of cargo ship seized by us

by:CNS     2019-10-26
SEOUL, South Korea
North Korea called the United States on Tuesday. S.
The seizure of a North Korean cargo ship involving a ban on coal exports was a \"robbery\" and demanded that it be returned immediately.
The official DPRK-China News Agency, the DPRK-China News Agency, issued a statement by a foreign ministry spokesman who did not want to be named, accusing the United States of betraying the spirit of the summit agreement reached by North Korean leaders Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump on last June.
Kim and Trump agreed at the time to a vague statement calling for nuclear
Freedom on the Korean Peninsula and the improvement of bilateral relations, but due to the mismatch in sanctions relief and disarmament requirements, the second meeting between the leaders of the two countries broke down on February.
The cargo ship seizure announced last week took place at a delicate moment in the United States. S. -
North Korea has resumed its weapons tests, which appears to have forced the United States to ease sanctions. \"The U. N.
The Security Council resolution referred to by the United States is one of the reasons for the robbery of our trade ships, which amounts to violence that violates the sovereignty of our country, and we reject them altogether, the statement of the DPRK-China Society said.
\"The United States should carefully consider what the consequences of their daytime robbery will bring to the political situation and should not hesitate to return our ships.
\"Before the United States seized the cargo ship, 177-meter (581-foot)
The ship, known as Wise Honest, was first detained by Indonesia in April 2018 when it transported large quantities of coal.
It was taken to Samoa on Saturday and will be inspected there.
According to U. S. Regulations, North Korea banned coal exports. N.
In 2017, sanctions were even more severe in order to punish the growing number of weapons tests that year.
Experts believe coal and other mineral exports could help finance North Korea\'s weapons industry.
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