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Now, listen here. I know it's more than just a

by:CNS     2020-06-09
I was shipping some brand spankin' new cars from the factory to the lot. Fact is, they'd all been sold already, and their new owners were just itchin' to drive 'em. When you work for a car transportation company, you drive cars without actually drivin' 'em. I was actually drivin' a truck, but it had a bunch of cars strapped to it. Know what I mean? 'Cept I think I took a wrong turn somewhere, because there I am, sitting on the side of the road, next to a spooky-looking old house. I sat there for a minute or so, hopin' somebody might come by. Folks never came on by. The place was deserted. I wasn't even in the middle of nowhere; this wasn't such a central place as that. I was on the outskirts of nowhere. I got out of the car transport and started walking across the barren field toward the spooky house. Weren't no cars parked anywhere, and it didn't look like anybody was around. But I thought it couldn't hurt to see if someone was inside, and if they had a phone that worked. I'd already checked my cell phone, and there weren't no reception. I weren't surprised. Car transport companies usually give you good cell service and all, but out in these here parts, there weren't nothin' guaranteed. I walked between two ugly-lookin' statues of gargoyles, and I hoped I wouldn't never see nuttin' like 'em again. I grew up a church-goin' boy, and I didn't like seein' creepy-lookin' creatures such as them things. The door had right up on it a gold plaque that made me smile. You know what it said? It said, 'Car transporters welcome.' That's what I thought it said, but that's 'cause I weren't lookin' close. If I'd been payin' attention, I'da seen that it said, 'Car transporters UN-welcome.' I knocked on the door, but it turns out the door weren't latched or nuttin'-because it just pushed open. It was heavy-like, so I pushed it the rest of the way open. I walked into the livin' room, or I guess that's what it was, and the door slammed shut behind me. I yelped, I hate to admit it, but I did. I don't like bein' startled, and I gotta say I wasn't expectin' that. Worse yet, there weren't nobody around. The door seemed to just slam shut on its own self. That just about scared the jimmies out of a simple old car transport guy like me. So I said me a short prayer; I said, 'Lord Almighty, please help me outta this mess!' It wasn't until right about then that I saw that strange blue carpet in the middle of the floor. It had the weirdest symbols I ever did see. Content distributed on behalf of National Transport LLC with their express permission. All Rights Reserved 2012.
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