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Obvious advantages in railway resources

by:CNS     2021-07-04
Obvious advantages in railway resources 2021-06-20 10:49:08 At present, my country's railway infrastructure construction has made great achievements, and the overall scale of the road network and network coverage have reached a relatively high level. 2009 was the year with the largest investment scale and the largest number of new lines in the history of China's railway. The railway completed the capital construction investment of 600 billion yuan, an increase of 5 billion yuan or 79% year-on-year; more than 200 preliminary work projects were carried out throughout the year. Approved 200 projects and approved 150 scientific research projects; 123 new projects were started throughout the year, the scale of new lines under construction reached 33,000 kilometers, and the investment scale reached 2.1 trillion yuan. At present, China’s railways have more than 200 storage and transportation bases and several stations. , Warehousing and distribution facilities are complete, with many points, long lines, and wide areas. They are distributed in various central cities, major industrial production areas, important ports, and freight distribution centers are also located in various transportation hubs across the country. They have a good logistics network foundation. . And 2010-2012 will be the most critical stage of China’s railway modernization. By the end of 2009, China’s railways under construction will have a mileage of 33,000 kilometers; the investment scale of projects under construction will be 2.1 trillion yuan. It is expected that from 2010 to 2012, The new line will be put into operation to reach 26,000 kilometers. By the end of 2012, China's railway operating mileage will reach more than 110,000 kilometers. Large-scale railway infrastructure and new technology and equipment are put into use, which will surely achieve the upgrade and rapid development of the railway logistics system in the future Lay a good material foundation. At the same time, it has the largest communication network and various information systems in the industry. In terms of hardware, the railway has a complete communication network, and most companies have local area networks. In terms of software, railway logistics information technology The construction has also achieved new results. First, the railway logistics center management information system was successfully developed simultaneously with the opening of the railway logistics center, and the research on the overall plan of the railway logistics information platform was carried out. The second is the completion of the railway cargo waybill and electronic freight information system. The plan has completed the system research and development and the Daqin line pilot; the railway customer service center has been opened, which can provide customers with relevant information query services through the Internet. The third is to expand and improve the existing system, complete the information system integration of China Railway Container Company, and improve the China Railway Special The application function of the information system of the freight company has expanded the application of the China Railway Express Company’s luggage management system. The railway has realized the real-time tracking management of trains, vehicles, containers and other information on the whole road through the development and application of various information management systems. In addition, the railway also has certain Management advantage and talent advantage. The strict management system and solid management foundation formed by railway enterprises for a long time have formed a unique advantage occupying a dominant position in logistics, and possesses talents in many aspects including computer, communication, network, marketing and management. It can be seen that the railway has good resource advantages for the development of modern logistics, especially with the gradual implementation of the railway 'Eleventh Five-Year' plan and the continuous implementation of the railway medium and long-term road network planning, the railway infrastructure will be more perfect.
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