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Of Germany's exports of mechanical and electronic products need to pay attention to what issues?

by:CNS     2020-04-17
Mechanical and electrical products is the first major categories of export products in China, is China's largest trading partners within the eu, Germany is China's largest mechanical and electrical products export markets in Europe. Mechanical and electrical products exports to Germany should pay attention to the following: 1, the German side for general mechanical and electrical products to be imported ( Such as cutting tools, agricultural machinery, machine tools, steel rolling equipment, agricultural machinery, tractors, office machinery, electrical and electronic technology products, etc. ) No trade restrictions, also do not need to import licensing. But have a trade restrictions on bicycle imports, DE importers need to German government rear can import supervision for import documents in advance. 2, the German side of taxes on imported goods, including tariff and import value-added tax, the individual commodity additional payment of anti-dumping duties. DE customs duties depending on the project and different tariff has detailed tariff regulations, such as tariffs for 3. 2%; Color TV normal tariff is 14%, the color of different sizes are duty 44. 6% anti-dumping duties, including 42 cm and the following, 42 - 52 cm, 52 - between More than 72 cm and 72 cm. Import general VAT is 16%, the tax duty scope of third countries import goods from outside the European Union. 3, implementation of the safety standards of eu unification - Germany CE mark. CE certification is to prove relevant eu standard product protection requirements, and be bound by the provisions of the consistency of the appraisal process is the implementation of credentials. CE certification scope for the following products: low voltage electrical equipment, pressure vessel, toys, construction equipment, Such as central air conditioning equipment) , machinery, medical equipment, telecommunications terminal equipment, etc. So for German exports must find out whether the products exported by the need to CE certification. German technology supervision association ( TUEV) As one of the eu approved independent inspection institution in Germany, according to entrust to export products to Germany for a series of safety and quality certification.
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