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Often encountered in the air express cargo and heavy cargo, cargo and heavy goods exactly

by:CNS     2020-08-06
Often encountered in the air express cargo and heavy cargo, cargo and heavy cargo what is usual in the delivery of the goods by air express and Courier company, often encounter the problem of cargo and heavy goods. Want to master the definition of cargo and heavy cargo, you must know what is the specific weight, net weight, volume and its net weight. One, specific weight ActualWeight, it is based on weighing ( Weighing) For net weight, contains specific gross weight ( GrossWeight, known as G. W。 ) And the specific turnning ( NetWeight, known as N. W。 ) 。 The most common is the specific weight. In airline cargo transportation, specific weight and measuring the volume weight to carry out more normally, which, which is calculated and deducted from the transportation. Second, the volume weight 【 Volume weight 】 VolumetricWeight or DimensionsWeight, namely according to certain index or conversion calculation method, according to the volume calculation formula to obtain the net weight of goods. Airlines freight transportation, the conversion of volume weight of index is 1:16 7 commonly, namely one cubic meter is equal to 167 kg. For example: a ticket air cargo gross weight is 95 kg, specific volume of 1. 2 cubic meters, according to the index of air express 1:16 7 this ticket volume weight of the goods is 1. 2 * 167 = 200. 4 kg, the gross weight more than 95 kg, so the product is bulky cargo ( Also called light cargo, cargo, or English call LightWeightCargo LightCargo/Goods or LowDensityCargo or MeasurementCargo) , the airline will charge by volume weight, rather than the gross weight. It is important to note that airmail generally referred to as cargo, generally called light cargo, international shipping address is different. Another ticket, such as: air cargo gross weight is 560 kg, specific volume of 1. 5 CBM, according to the aviation 1:16 7 index is calculated, the volume of the ticket goods weight is 1. 5 * 167 = 250. 5 kg, lower than the gross weight 560 kg, so the product is given priority to the goods ( English call DeadWeightCargo HeavyCargo/Goods or HighDensityCargo) , international airlines will be in accordance with the specific Mao Chonglai charge, rather than the volume weight. Scaling index, to sum up, in accordance with a certain measure of volume weight, then carry more volume weight and net weight, which is relatively large by which charging standard. Three, charge weight 【 Charge weight 】 Call ChargeableWeight English, known as C. W。 Of net weight, which is calculated freight or other surcharges. Charge of specific gross weight or volume weight, charge specific net weight vs. volume weight, net weight = net weight take large amounts to calculate shipping cost. Four, calculation and air express Courier calculation: standard item: ( cm) × Width ( cm) × High ( cm) ÷ 6000 = volume weight ( KG) , which is 1 CBM & asymp; 166. 66667公斤。 Longest (irregular objects: cm) × The most wide ( cm) × The highest level, cm) ÷ 6000 = volume weight ( KG) , which is 1 CBM & asymp; 166. 66667公斤。 It is an international road optimization algorithm. In short, 1 net weight more than 166 cubic meters. 67 kg is called heavy cargo, less than 166. Call it the cargo of 67 kg. Heavy cargo gross weight charge standard, in accordance with the specific cargo charge standard according to the volume weight.
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