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Operation process of air transportation of exhibits

by:CNS     2021-07-13
Exhibits air transportation operation process 2021-05-20 15:11 Exhibits, air transportation, operation, process, exhibits, air transportation, operation,    exhibits air transportation operation procedures and matters to watch out for. Exhibit transportation refers to the action of moving the exhibits to the destination by means of transportation after the packaging of the exhibits (including loading and unloading of the exhibits). The scope of its obligations is from the moment the exhibit box at the place of departure leaves the ground to the moment when the exhibit box at the destination reaches the ground.  Exhibition transportation includes transportation of exhibits before and after the exhibition, transportation of food distributed to exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition, and transportation of exhibition facilities that are associated with this.   The transportation of exhibits refers to the transportation process that takes the exhibits as the main body. Cross-border logistics plans, implements and controls the management process for the effective flow and storage of physical objects and information with the two sides of the customs border as the endpoint. Fba head shipping is very suitable for those sellers with small product volume and high profit. Selling things on Amazon and using FBA will have two costs: product commission and FBA overseas storage fees. In line with the entrepreneurial theme of 'customer first, credit-orientedThe exhibition logistics service of exhibition preparation and dismantling by enterprises has realized a win-win situation between enterprises and exhibitors, as well as a win-win situation in terms of logistics costs and logistics.  Operation process  After the order-receiving exhibitor confirms the content of the quotation, it shall sign a COA with the transportation company to determine the obligation of cooperation between the two parties. To confirm the exhibition time and documents, set the latest collection time based on the time that the exhibitor needs the exhibits to be in place at the foreign exhibition site. Exhibitors will promptly inform the transportation company of the name of the exhibits to be shipped and the transportation request arrangements, and submit relevant documents.   Our company will book the shipping space with the shipping company according to the exhibitor’s transportation request, and arrange to tow the container to the exhibitor’s factory for loading, customs declaration and shipping. Help exhibitors fill in the import documents for the exhibits to be transported to the target country. After the goods arrive at the destination, the import declaration of the exhibits will be arranged. Settle the related transportation and miscellaneous expenses with the transportation agency. Tow the container to the exhibition hall at the destination dock, and the exhibits are put into the warehouse for tally. The exhibits shall be delivered to the booth in time according to the request of the exhibitor.  Cautions   1. The outer packaging of the exhibits must be hard, suitable for repeated use, rainproof, and mark the center of gravity. International logistics The broad scope of international logistics research includes international trade logistics, non-trade logistics, international logistics investment, international logistics cooperation, international logistics exchanges and other fields. It must be strong enough to withstand long-distance transportation and suitable for reuse. Generally, the original packaging of the exhibits should be strong enough so that it can be used regardless of whether the exhibits are reserved for purchase or returned. 2. According to the relevant regulations of the Chinese Citizens and the Ministry of Commerce, the advertisements/promotional materials and technical materials used by exhibitors, including films, slides, catalogs and other publications, must be inspected by Chinese customs supervisors at that time, and Allowed. 3. All packages should be clearly marked in at least 3 directions according to the following methods: exhibition name, exhibitor name, exhibition hall number/booth number, packaging serial number, gross/net weight, size: if necessary, indicate the front/back; top/ Under the mark.
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