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[Operation] The transfer process and risk prevention of designated goods (Part 1) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-16
[Operation] The circulation process and risk prevention of designated goods (on): 2018-08-10 14:55:00 What is FOB and the relationship between FOB and designated goods FOB (FreeOn Board, Insert named port of shipment), also known as ' 'Free on board price' is one of the commonly used trade terms in international trade. For transactions conducted at FOB prices, the buyer is responsible for dispatching a ship to pick up the goods. The seller shall load the goods on the vessel designated by the buyer at the port of shipment and within the time limit specified in the contract, and notify the buyer in time. When the goods are loaded on the designated ship at the port of shipment, the risk is transferred from the seller to the buyer. Reflected on the ocean freight means that the ocean freight is paid on collection. Exporters who export under FOB terms always involve the issue of designated freight forwarders. Someone once said that the volume of designated goods accounted for 90% of the market. Although there is no actual data to verify, and the number itself is not important, the important thing is that the number of designated goods is increasing. Nowadays, many customers basically talk about FOB clauses directly. Regarding designated goods and designated forwarders, this needs to be divided into roles, assuming: A. Exporter SHIPPER, Qingdao Chengxin Trading Co., Ltd. B. Designated forwarder FORWARDER, Qingdao Ocean International Freight Co., Ltd. C. Foreign Buyer CONSIGNEE, Scottish Danske Co., Ltd. D. Foreign freight forwarder FORWARDER Scotland International Freight Co., Ltd. 1 Regarding the beginning of the freight process, domestic A will communicate with C. After confirming the order, C will place an order to A. After A completes the product, it will be ready for shipment. C through D is to designate domestic B to operate this ticket. In fact, the freight forwarder that the customer really specifies is D, which is Scottish Inter-Cargo Co., Ltd. C will tell D that the goods have been made in China in the near future. Please arrange the shipment to Sydney here and give him a quote. Then D will find B and say that the goods are ready, please quote, B quotes to D, and then D responds to C with a little profit based on B's quotation. After C approves D's quotation, the two parties will have a cooperative relationship. Then D will send B’s contact information to C, and C will forward the relevant contact information to A; at the same time, C will also send A’s contact information to D, and D will also forward the relevant information to B, just like that, in the destination While ports C and D are cooperating, on the shipping port side, A and B have also formed a cooperative relationship through a certain connection!
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