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Organic integration of third-party logistics and centralized logistics mode

by:CNS     2021-07-10
Organic integration of third-party logistics and centralized logistics model 2021-06-20 15:52:58 E-commerce, as the main business operation model in the 21st century, provides a broad development space for third-party logistics. At the same time, the development of third-party logistics provides a realistic guarantee for the realization of e-commerce. Integration with e-commerce will become one of the main operating modes of third-party logistics. From the actual operating conditions, the integration of third-party logistics and e-commerce mainly has the following two methods: one is that third-party logistics, as an element of e-commerce, undertakes logistics operations and completes the logistics links in B2B or B2C; Through the construction of its own e-commerce, the third-party logistics provides an information platform for the exchange of information, transactions, and full tracking between merchants and customers, so as to realize the close cooperation between e-commerce and logistics. The characteristic of the centralized logistics model is that third-party logistics companies have certain assets and a wide range of logistics networks, and provide logistics services with a low degree of integration in a certain field. Because the logistics needs of customers in different fields are very different, when a logistics company has limited capabilities, they can adopt this centralized strategy to strive to become more refined and stronger in a detailed market. For example, a logistics company based on railways. A railway express company provides express delivery services for small goods across the country, while another logistics company provides long-distance transportation of bulk goods. Because it has its own characteristics in a specific field, this third-party logistics enterprise operation mode also needs to focus on cultivation and development. Related Articles: Yuanbang Logistics' Market Positioning, Value Selection and Business Model Selection Introduction to Guangzhou Yuanbang Logistics Company
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