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Outbound goods transport packaging

by:CNS     2020-05-30
A, inspection scope refers to the listed in the entry and exit inspection and quarantine institutions carry out inspection and quarantine catalogue of inbound and outbound goods and other laws and administrative rules and regulations subject to quarantine inspection and quarantine institutions, and inspection and quarantine supervision conditions for 'N' or 'S' export goods transport packaging container. Second, the inspection requirements 1, export goods transportation divided into performance test and the use of packagings. 2, before legal inspection of export goods declaration, need to declare the performance of packaging container inspection. 3, using identification in implementing quality inspection in the export goods at the same time, so use the appraisal and the packaging of export goods inspection at the same time. Third, the exit of goods transport packaging performance test results form the use of 1, export goods production enterprise or business unit to buy packaging container production unit, in the production of packaging container unit issued by the inspection and quarantine organ should be provided the export goods transport packaging performance results form ( The original) 。 2, the export goods production enterprise or business unit when applying for export goods inspection and quarantine, should provide the original of the performance test results form. 3, for the same batch number different unit or used the same batch of export goods transport packaging container shipment for many times, in the performance results form effective period to obtain the one-way quarantine inspection and quarantine institutions, application of single.
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