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Packaging and transportation of export food inspection and quarantine

by:CNS     2020-05-18
1. Transport packaging with scope of inspection and quarantine symbol to export food since September 1, 2007, all by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions inspection of export food, transport, inspection and quarantine marks must be added on the package. Specific include: aquatic products and its products, animal products, rice, cereal, Beans) , vegetable and its products, flour and food products, sauce, pickled products, peanuts, tea, cocoa, coffee beans, malt, hops, seed kernel, dry, Kennedy) Fruit and nuts, oilseeds, vegetable oil, spices, milk and dairy products, health food, wine, canned, beverage, sugar and chocolate, pastries, cookies, candy candied fruit, small bee products, frozen food, food additives. 2. Add to inspection and quarantine of food packaging requirements ( 1) Transport packaging must indicate name of the production enterprise, health registration number, product name, production batch number and date of production, and inspection and quarantine. ( 2) Logo should be solid and in the upper left corner or the upper right corner on the side of the transport package is, add logo shi specifications should be adapted to the size of the packaging. ( 3) Should add mark's information such as time, place, specifications, serial number segment register on the product inspection report, declaration when submitting the inspection and quarantine organ of origin. ( 4) Entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions should be indicated in the evidence issued by the single production enterprise name, health registration number, product name, batch number and production date, etc. , to ensure that the cargo certificate, easy positioning. 3. Port inspection request port inspection and quarantine agencies during the inspection of export food such as cargo certificate is found not to conform, or not to inspection and quarantine, all are not allowed to export.
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