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Greater competition and pricing pressures in the Latin American market forced companies to respond faster to customer needs through faster product development and shorter delivery times.
At the level of manufacturing, wholesale and retail, businesses expect their suppliers to provide high
Produce high quality products on time.
However, in a market where challenges include: * complex tariff rules, this crucial goal is often difficult to achieve. * Time-
Consumer customs regulations and practices.
* Infrastructure problems such as poor roads or crowded freight yards.
* Lack of reliable communication networks.
* Foreign exchange issues.
\"The company should be aware of the regulatory environment, logistics practices, business culture, tariff and tax impacts in Latin America, and market access before shipping,\" said director Gary Vince . \" PBB Global Logistics delivered a speech at the recent annual meeting of the Canadian Logistics Management Association in Toronto.
The most effective solution for Latin American manufacturers, distributors, growers and other shippers may be to work with a knowledgeable logistics partner who can provide direct transportation services or third parties
Party logistics (3PL)solutions.
For example, manufacturers can choose
An internal approach or outsourcing solution to manage the supply chain.
For agricultural producers who rely on air and sea freight services to bring agricultural products, flowers, fish, beef, wine and other foods to market, logistics solutions are equally critical.
Today\'s logistics solutions also depend on the smooth flow of information. -
Consumer order, retail, wholesaler inventory, delivery date, arrival time, financial payment, etc. --
All parties involved in the supply chain.
Because better planning and more accurate forecasting can help enterprises reduce inventory levels, supply chain and logistics applications are usually directly related to enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Customer relationship management (CRM)or other front-or back-
Office applications.
Need to share information--
Combined with online databases and e-commerce
Business applications--
Promotes the mutual dependence of all parties in the supply chain.
Closer cooperation helps supply chain members match demand and supply at every step of the production and transportation process, thus contributing to improved overall productivity.
In a recent research paper, collaborative supply chain: information sharing and incentive coordination program, Professor Togar M.
Simatupang and R.
Sridharan of Massey University in New Zealand believes that such cooperation is the key to creating mutually beneficial logistics projects.
But they say the potential benefits of cooperation are rarely realized due to management inertia and inability to overcome differences in corporate interests.
The result may be that there are too many or too few units in stock, as well as wrong shipping time or location.
\"Chain members are used to working as an individual company based on local perspectives and opportunistic behavior,\" they wrote . \".
\"However, local perspectives and opportunistic behaviors that maximize personal profits tend to be at the expense of other members, not conducive to overall profitability.
In other words, Latin American enterprises need to establish a \"win-win\"
A supply chain that \"wins\" and partners balance their business needs.
Through effective logistics management, enterprises can improve their sales and profits at all levels, while taking advantage of countless opportunities.
The rhythm of the global market.
As Vince pointed out, \"Latin American countries have put forward their own challenges and unique processes for traders.
Establish key personal relationships with contacts who understand the market and
Latin America can become an important and profitable market.
\"UPS launches marine services UPS offers new marine services options for shippers who manufacture goods in Brazil and China and import them to the United States.
This new service has greatly accelerated the movement of the ocean.
Transport goods by reducing stops on land.
UPS trading DirectSM Ocean this new service has changed the Ocean-
Container entry pre-
Small package or labelthan-
Truck transport.
The goods are transferred from the port to the nearby UPS Freight facilities with the least handling, handling and storage.
Operated by UPS Freight Services, UPS trade Direct is the latest integrated service in UPS\'s growing portfolio of shipping and logistics options, enabling global business and streamlining international trade for customers.
\"UPS offers innovative and timely services,\" said Joe Pyne, senior vice president of UPS Supply Chain Solutions . \".
\"We are developing numbers.
Meet the challenges of our customers in the 21st century.
\"Under the leadership of Pyne, UPS is developing services and capabilities to help customers streamline their global supply chain and integrate the three flows of business ---
Goods, information and funds.
Pyne oversees a team that explores new directions, innovations and partnerships that complement UPS\'s long-term developmentterm strategy.
UPS\'s new service is ideal for large apparel, sporting goods, electronics and other companies that use the ocean as an economical means of transport and want to deliver orders directly to their customers.
Streamlined processes bypass multiple distribution centers to minimize the shipper\'s needs, benefiting the shipper
Own warehouse.
The process also minimizes handling, which may mean less loss and damage, and faster originto-
Transit time for final destination.
Customers who currently use the service say they save 220 days.
Shippers also see indirect savings as their inventory moves from the factory to the end customer faster, speeding up cash flow and accounts receivable, and reducing the cost of carrying inventory.
Consolidated bills also help reduce the management costs of shippers.
UPS trade Direct has added new content to UPS\'s growing portfolio of supply chain management and transportation networks.
The business includes distribution centers in more than 150 countries, as well as services such as freight forwarding, customs brokerage, International Trade Services, order fulfillment and service parts logistics.
\"Our goal is to simplify the complexity of global business,\" Pyne said . \".
UPS is the world\'s leading provider of professional transport and logistics services and the world\'s largest operator of small packages and express delivery.
Through its UPS Supply Chain Solutions subsidiary, UPS provides logistics, freight, customs brokerage, finance, mail services and consulting solutions to enhance customer business performance.
UPS Freight services focus on global transport solutions, customs brokerage and international trade management.
For more information, please visit www. ups. com.
DHL continues to improve desktop shipping for Latin American customers.
Internet applications and e-commerce
Many companies around the world are implementing business tools.
Customizing these applications to deliver better quality of service is a step forward.
A 1998 survey commissioned by DHL Worldwide found that customs regulations are the top priority for multiple companies
Nationals, 9 out of 10 people have encountered export problems due to procedural confusion.
In response, DHL implemented perfect e-commerce
A solution to this problem.
To make the shipping process more smooth for customers, DHL created DHL Connect, which provides detailed local reports of customs regulations in more than 220 countries, in addition to many other features.
DHL Connect is a groundbreaking website
Supported software applications enable enterprises to manage the shipping process more easily.
The software provides information about the custom documents needed for a specific destination.
DHL Connect is the latest project in DHL\'s ongoing e-commerce support tool project, which also includes mobile SMS and cargo WAP tracking.
With DHL Connect desktop software, companies can book now
Prepare waybills, track goods, print reports, save a database of recipient addresses, and alert them to upcoming delivery via automated email.
DHL Connect is a free customer
Create all the necessary export documents and make it easier to use an application-based program.
Christian Collin of DHL e-said: \"DHL Connect is an important tool for enterprises to simplify the entire logistics process using the latest network technology
Business Manager
By accessing a huge real Network
Enterprises can create a lot of efficiency and savings.
For more information, please visit www. dhl. com.
INTERMARINE has expanded its services in South America over the past year.
In addition to core trade from the United StatesS.
Intermarine, located on the north coast of South America and the Caribbean, has now traveled frequently and reliably to and from Brazil and the west coast of South America.
Even in Peru, 3,000 kilometers from Amazon, Iquitos received ships between the seas.
In addition to services from the United States, Intermarine is part of the Trinitas service connecting Europe and Brazil.
Fernando marouri, South American general manager of Intermarine in Caracas, said, \"we have done a lot of work to offset the general decline in shipping to the north coast this year, especially Venezuela.
Maruri attributed Intermarine\'s success in South America to its service style.
\"This is a very good customer service --
Market oriented.
It\'s not enough to own a boat. -
You have to have experienced people in place to see the goods move correctly.
\"Intermarine, for example, provides turnkey delivery of one of the world\'s most advanced bulk loading and unloading vessels, which was shipped from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Venezuela earlier this year.
The dual-track rotary unit was designed and built by svida industrial for the Sincor Coke and sulfur treatment project in José, Venezuela.
The total number of prefabricated parts is about 12,000 cbm (cubic meters)
It is one of the new series of heavy lifting ships in Intermarine, MN industrial century.
The ship transported these parts to the port of quanta, where they were transferred to the Inter-sea barge Sophie J (
90x30 m ocean-going flat-
Deck heavy lifting barge with cargo loading area of more than 2,000 square meters).
After delivery to Jose, barge Sophie J was used as a construction platform to provide construction support when assembling the ship loader at a construction site about one kilometer from the coast.
\"Our people are supported by one of the world\'s most modern fleet of heavy marine vessels,\" Maruri said . \".
The industrial century of shipping ships is one of seven sister ships with 16 ships. 5-
Knot service speed and two 200 metric tons
Hydraulic crane combination 400-ton lifts.
\"All seven ships are operating in the marine services sector, and a dozen more have been built over the past five years,\" Maruri added . \".
Headquartered in New Orleans, Intermarine is a global marine transport provider that provides inland heavy haul transport services for bulk goods, professional projects and heavy lifting goods.
For more information, please visit www. intermarineusa. com.
Single room available worldwide
SOURCE solutions have a global leadership of $3 billion in logistics, transportation and fourth
Party logistics (4PL)
Menlo world is a single-source solution to address the supply chain needs of all organizations in Latin America.
Combine the advantages of three industries
Leading logistics enterprises (Logistics)
Traffic (
Diamond forward)
Supply Chain Management (Vector SCM)
, A subsidiary of Menlo world, CNF, Inc.
Add great value to any supply chain.
Emory freight has maintained its business in the region for more than 30 years.
In addition to its Latin American headquarters in Miami, Emery\'s extensive geographic coverage includes 30 offices in 16 countries, with anchor offices in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Long-
Alliances have been established in remaining markets such as Venezuela and Colombia to ensure that goods received by Emory customers from point A to Point B are not just simple shipping
Ronald Young, vice president, said: \"We offer integrated solutionsLatin America.
From multimodal transport services to countriesof-the-
We develop tailor-made transportation projects with creative visual art techniques.
\"From Aviation and ocean to project management, logistics and trade services, Emery offers a comprehensive global transport service menu with a focus on automotive, telecom, electronics, contract manufacturing, apparel/retail and textile, heavy equipment and machinery, pharmaceutical, healthcare and mining in Latin America.
Menlo Logistics logistics specializes in the design, implementation and operation of the world\'s most complex Logistics supply chain projects.
In Latin America, Menlo manages global logistics
Distribution of parts in the market of a major car manufacturer in Chile.
In Mexico, Menlo is very active in warehousing and distribution. Top-
First-line companies around the world want to provide Menlo with strategic supply chain solutions.
\"We have designed innovative strategies, improved customer service, accelerated order cycles, and strengthened control over global supply chains,\" Young said . \".
Vector supply chain management is GM\'s leading global logistics manager.
Vector SCM, a joint venture between GM and CNF Incorporated, improves the speed, flexibility and reliability of GM\'s global supply chain.
In Brazil, Vector manages more than one
GM million dollar venture capital Brazil after-sales distribution
Sell parts and accessories to dealers across Brazil and provide customer service and information technology support.
Vector will soon provide similar 4PL services to other major industry groups.
\"Over the past 55 years, we have shaped our business model to meet the needs of our customers,\" Young said . \".
\"Well-known companies in Latin America and around the world rely on Menlo as their single brandSOURCE solution.
For more information, please visit www. menloworldwide. com.
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