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Polymer lithium battery by air transport?

by:CNS     2020-07-27
Polymer lithium battery by air transport? Anyone know the notebook computer can carry on the plane, can't check in, but this does not mean that no air notebook computers. In fact, the laptop can by air. But, in the transport, it must be packaged to ensure that the notebook computers will not damage after reaching my destination. At present, two of the most widely used lithium polymer and conventional lithium-ion batteries used in notebook computers. Removable basic is 18650, lithium ion and lithium polymer sealed, but there is a battery can cut off the physical switch. Polymer lithium battery by air transport? The answer is yes, polymer lithium battery by air transport. However, there are some specific restrictions. According to the requirement of the civil aviation laws and regulations, airline and airport cargo transportation department should review the lithium battery shipping documents. The most important thing is that each UN38 lithium-ion batteries. 3 safety test report. The report to the third party testing institutions designated by the civil aviation or battery manufacturers to provide a test capacity. If there is no the test report, the civil aviation will ban the use of lithium battery for air transport. What are the battery products need to test? All kinds of lead-acid batteries ( Such as the lead-acid batteries used in automobile start, fixed lead-acid batteries, small valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, etc. ) 。 The various types of power secondary battery ( Such as batteries used to power vehicles, batteries for electric road vehicles, batteries for electric tools, used in hybrid vehicle batteries, etc. ) 。 All kinds of mobile phone batteries ( Such as lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, etc. ) 。 Why are some airlines do not accept battery transport? Many people think that this is related to electromagnetic interference, but in fact are not related. Battery air delivery to spontaneous combustion, explosion, etc. , is prohibited by air. In fact, the goods in transit can automatic ignition, it can cause damage to aircraft and cargo, thus affect the aviation safety. So now it is very strict. In fact, the current polymer lithium batteries are not afraid of short circuit and puncture, but ordinary explosion easily. Express industry often need to move fast, and more violent. If the sending and receiving is not strict, they will encounter in the process of transportation problem. In order to avoid zero error, airlines prefer not to make money, also won't have such mistakes, professional acting battery products international transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection, such as one-stop services, products include dry air, air batteries, photovoltaic air, lithium battery by air, solar air, air mobile phone battery, button cell airlift, battery accessories such as air. However, it should be noted that the above products require customers to provide MSDS, UN 38. 3 test certificate ( Lithium battery by air) And transportation.
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