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port sa to host 2012 international logistics forum

by:CNS     2019-10-25
Port San Antonio was chosen by ALACAT as host for next year\'s annual meeting
International freight forwarding and logistics operators in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The event will be held on May 13-
In 2012, major participants in international business in the Western Hemisphere were brought together.
Delegates from hundreds of ALACAT member businesses are expected to discuss international logistics trends in San Antonio, focusing on industry best practices.
Participants will also review forecasts planned ahead as world trade continues to recover from the economic slowdown in recent years.
\"This is a great opportunity for the port and for the entire San Antonio community,\" said President and CEO of San Antonio port.
\"Businesses around the world view our region as a growing consumer and supplier market and increasingly a strategic partner in global trade.
\"Our members are very interested in learning about the opportunities available in San Antonio, especially how the port supports their multi-party cooperation
\"Mode transport demand,\" said chairman ALACAT . \".
\"San Antonio is the fastest --
Growing regions of the United StatesS.
Become an important gateway to Latin America.
As we plan to enter a new era of international logistics innovation and growth, the next meeting in San Antonio is very timely.
Gonzalez said congestion is recovering as the global economic recovery continues --used U. S.
Harbor and airport.
The Port of San Antonio offers an alternative to ALACAT members and other freight forwarders seeking more efficient trade routes, including greater use of air cargo.
For more than a decade, Port San Antonio has been committed to building itself into a major aerospace center, with several
On-site logistics companies that provide services to Port customers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney.
In recent years, the port has also added logistics assets to accommodate the flow of consumption, bulk goods and general goods in other industries such as retail, electronic and energy exploration.
The entire port of San Antonio is a designated foreign country-trade zone.
Operation technology (OpTech)
Occupy an active foreign warehouse in the port
Customs duties on goods imported from abroad are allowed to be canceled or postponed.
OpTech offers multiple services such as warehousing, electronic testing, light manufacturing and order fulfillment.
The runway in Port San Antonio can accommodate a variety of heavy-duty types-
Lift up the freighter to further support 89,600-square-
Port A- class air cargo terminal built in 2008. A U. S.
The customs facilities adjacent to the pier were opened on 2009, allowing foreign goods to enter the port of San Antonio directly.
150 acres of air from 2012
The service land connected to Kelly Field will be available for the construction of additional air logistics and aerospace facilities.
At the port of East Kaili Railway Port, investors recently built over 600,000 square feet of crossoverdocking rail-
Warehouse space.
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