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Port waters

by:CNS     2021-07-12
Port water area 2021-06-20 11:41:30 Port water area refers to the water area related to the entry and exit of ships, docking and port operations. Its main facilities generally include navigation channels, harbor basins, anchorages, protective buildings and navigation aids. Wait. The water area is the most important part of the port, and it can be divided into the outer water area outside the harbor basin and the inner water area inside the harbor basin. (1) This part of the waters outside the port mainly refers to the approaching channel and the anchorage outside the port. Most seaports and estuary ports have natural access channels, but their water depth may not meet the requirements of ships. There may be some shallows in the estuary section, which often require dredging and remediation. The anchorage outside the port is used for ships entering and leaving the port at anchor. Ships undergo border inspections, sanitation and quarantine here, and pilots get on and off here (harbour); sometimes they are also used for the preparation and dismantling of large fleets (river port). Navigation lanes and anchorages outside the port are required to be marked with navigation aids. (2) The waters in the port include the waterway in the port, the anchorage in the port, the waters in front of the pier, and the turning area of u200bu200bships. Ships must slow down appropriately when driving in the inner channel of the harbor to ensure safety. Generally, there should be a turning area for ships to turn around between the channel in the port and the wharf, and this section of water should have sufficient width. The waters in front of the pier must have sufficient depth and width so that the ships can easily get on and off. It not only needs to ensure that the side of the ship docking can carry out loading and unloading operations, but sometimes also considers the need for loading and unloading operations on the other side at the same time (ship passing the ship). Therefore, the width of the water area in front of the dock should be appropriately larger to avoid affecting the vicinity Of the waterway. 1278
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