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by:CNS     2020-05-01
Or cross-border electricity often have to do foreign trade children's shoes complain the customs buckle goods, money goods two empty. If the early prevention is proper, the probability of the customs buckle goods is extremely small. Here share some experience, welcome to leave a message. The customs check goods, goods main reasons: 1, the declared value and valuation inconsistencies; 2, goods and products; 3, packing list is unknown; The consignee conditions do not allow (4, No import and export right, etc. ) ; 5, personal belongings value more than 5000 yuan; 6, some of the local regulations of the state policy. In general, cross-border electricity ( B2C) Inspection, deducts money reason mainly is: '1' declared value and valuation inconsistent; '5' private goods value of more than 5000 yuan; '6' local relevant policies of the country. How to avoid the customs buckle the goods? 1, in order to avoid the customs buckle goods, according to general package, can be written as personal gift, private parcel by customs check probability is very low. 2, the declared value to write is relatively less, valuables deducts money rate is very high. In addition, after the customs buckle goods, customs clearance fee is calculated according to the declared value, the higher the declared value, the higher the clearance fee. Also if you need to customer return products, pay attention to let the customer to write the declared value lower. 3, understand the national policy, such as the Australian customs clearance easily, but the battery products is not allowed by the customs, so the battery or electromagnetic product, try not to send to Australia. If must sell products with the battery, can give customers clearly not hair cells, only hair products. 4, select safe way of delivery. DHL buckle goods rate is very high, followed by FedEx and UPS; The relative safety of the delivery method is air registered parcel and EMS, the other EMS even by customs buckle goods, or to return to the delivery location free of charge. 5, the heavier weight of the package is the greater the chance of customs buckle goods. 6, different products likely to be the customs buckle goods, such as electronic product is likely higher than apparel. 7, sent to different countries, declaration of strategy is different. American and British customs is relatively strict, declared value can appropriate lower. The German customs are strict, unfavorable put too low to declare the price; Like Brazil, the customs is very strict, must be carefully fill in the declaration materials, accurate, otherwise very trouble. But you should know that these are reducing the risk of buckle goods, impossible to completely eliminate, or customs not have nothing to do all the time. If unfortunately the parcel by customs buckle goods, how to do? 1, timely and customer contact, it is better to let the customer to help to customs clearance, if the customs clearance fee is low, we can talk to customer clearance fee split on both sides. 2, if customers don't want to, can see the parcel returned, if it is EMS, the parcel can be send back to you for free, can give customers such as parcel delivery to give him back. 3, if the parcel can't send back to you, and it's work can't customs clearance fee, this kind of circumstance is to give up the parcel. 4, must not be dragged, otherwise once the customer a controversial even credit card cancellations, customer confiscated the arrival of the goods, in this case the seller is very bad.
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