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Precautions for air shipment.

by:CNS     2021-07-10
Precautions for air shipment. 2021-04-15 17:07 Precautions for air shipment. As a researcher in the air cargo industry, I have put forward some suggestions on loaders to airlines here, hoping to help. 1. Confirm the weight and volume with the customer. If the customer does not confirm the weight and volume, the cost will become troublesome after the goods fly out. 2. Generally speaking, since the customer's goods and invoices are cleared from the same day to the same day, the warehouse arrangement is very troublesome, so it is recommended to declare as many warehouses as possible. If there are fewer warehouses, more difficult warehouses, and more warehouses, you can think of ways to collect goods. 3. Generally, the airlines and agencies at all levels have basically arranged their seats before 12 noon. In this case, bulk cargo that takes off the next day should not be accepted. It is best not to accept it until the class is uncertain. Otherwise, it will be very passive. 4. In principle, air cargo requires that the cargo be in the airline warehouse for more than 24 hours, and the actual operation only needs to be handed over the night before the plane takes off. Special and urgent cargo can be handed over on site. In principle, it is 4 hours before the departure of the cargo plane and 2 hours before the departure of the passenger plane. 5. The transportation bill should be confirmed with the customer in time, and the Chinese name of the customs declaration should be provided by the customer.
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