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Principles of loading and unloading operations

by:CNS     2021-07-08
Principles of loading and unloading operations 2021-06-20 09:52:281. Reduce links and proceduralize loading and unloading. We know that loading and unloading activities themselves do not increase the value and use value of the goods, but on the contrary increase the possibility and cost of damage to the goods. Therefore, Guangzhou freight company should first start from studying the functions of loading, unloading and handling, analyze the necessity of various loading, unloading and handling operations, and do everything possible to cancel and merge the links and times of loading, unloading and handling operations, and eliminate repetitive and invalid (optional loading, unloading and handling operations). For example, vehicles can directly cross the border without reloading, large-scale shipping shops have dedicated lines, door-to-door container intermodal transportation, etc., which can greatly reduce loading and unloading links and times. 2. Civilized loading and unloading, scientific operation to prevent 'barbarism' 'Loading and unloading' is an important symbol of civilized loading and unloading. In loading and unloading and handling operations, we must try our best to take measures to ensure that the goods are intact, to ensure the personal safety of operators, and to adhere to civilized loading and unloading. At the same time, the loading and unloading and handling operations should not damage the loading and unloading and handling equipment, facilities, and transportation. And storage equipment and facilities, etc. 3. Centralized operations, containerized and bulked centralized operations refer to the logistics process from Guangzhou to Zhenjiang in accordance with the principles of economic rationality during the circulation process. The logistics line from Guangzhou to Zhenjiang appropriately centralizes the goods, so that the operation volume reaches a certain scale, in order to achieve The mechanization and automation of loading, unloading and handling operations create conditions. As long as conditions permit, the loading and unloading points in the circulation process should be concentrated as much as possible; in the cargo yard, the operations of the same type of goods should be concentrated as much as possible, and the corresponding professional cooperation area and professional dock area should be established. Or professional loading and unloading lines; one operation line can meet the stop time indicators of vehicle and ship loading and unloading operations, so inefficient multiple operation line schemes are not adopted; in railway transportation, the freight loading and unloading operations of small intermediate stations with little business volume are closed, and factories and mines are established. , Warehouse public dedicated lines, etc., are all measures of centralized operation. 4. Saving energy and energy, striving to promote 'activationMake it as solid and flat as possible, which plays a role in saving labor and reducing energy consumption; on the premise of meeting the requirements of the operation, the ratio of the net weight of the cargo to the gross weight of the cargo unit should be as close as possible to reduce invalid labor; try to adopt horizontal loading and unloading and rolling loading and unloading Handling, to achieve labor saving. Improve the flexibility of loading and unloading, which is also the basic requirement for loading and unloading. The flexibility of loading and unloading refers to the degree of convenience and difficulty of the storage state of the goods for loading and unloading, also known as It is the 'activity' of the goods. In the logistics process, in order to measure the activity of the goods, the 'activity index' is often used to indicate the convenience of loading and unloading the goods. We compare a certain step of the operation to the previous step. The situation where the activity index of the goods is high, and the situation in which this operation is more convenient for loading, unloading and handling than its previous operation, is called 'activation.' Therefore, the design of the loading, unloading and handling process of the logistics line from Guangzhou to Longyan should make the activity index of the goods Gradually increase. 5. Taking into account coordination, general standardized loading and unloading and handling operations involve other aspects of the logistics process, and forks involve their own processes, steps, and elements of the loading, unloading and handling system. Therefore, loading, unloading, and handling operations are related to other logistics. Between activities, each process of the loading, unloading and handling operation itself, between each step, as well as between loading, unloading, moving, transportation and between the various elements within the system, must be balanced and coordinated with each other, so that the overall loading and unloading system can be played out. Work can. For example, the operating principle of “receiving goods to prepare for loading, loading to prepare for unloading, and unloading to prepare for shipment” summarized in practice in railway stations is the embodiment and application of this balanced and coordinated principle. The most concise explanation of standardization is to achieve unity by judging and publishing repetitive things and concepts to obtain the best order and social benefits. Standardization is often associated with serialization and generalization. The standardization of loading, unloading and handling of the Guangzhou-Anhui logistics line is a unified standard formulated and issued for the process, operation, equipment, facilities, and cargo units of the loading, unloading and handling. The standardization of loading, unloading and handling plays an important role in promoting the rationalization of loading, unloading and handling, and it is also a prerequisite for realizing the modernization of loading, unloading and handling operations. 6. Ingeniously loading the full load, safe and efficient loading operation is generally a prelude to transportation and storage. The full utilization of transportation means and full utilization of storage capacity is one of the main factors to improve transportation and storage efficiency and efficiency. It is particularly important when the transportation volume is greater than the transportation capacity and the storage capacity is greater than the storage capacity. Therefore, when loading and unloading, according to the weight, size, shape, physical and chemical properties of the goods, as well as the whereabouts of the goods, the storage period, the form of the car and shipyard, etc., the appropriate loading method should be used, and the equipment should be cleverly equipped to make the loading tools fully loaded. The storage capacity is fully utilized to improve transportation and storage efficiency and efficiency. After the loading operation is completed, either transportation or storage. In order to ensure the safety of transportation and storage, the Guangzhou-Heilongjiang logistics line must take certain measures to keep the goods stable during loading to overcome the destructive effects of various external forces generated during transportation or storage, such as vertical, horizontal, vertical inertial forces and wind , Gravity, friction, etc.
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