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Procedures for road transport changes and cancellations

by:CNS     2021-07-15
(Road transportation change and cancellation procedures 2021-06-20 15:32:461) Before the carrier delivers the goods to the consignee, the shipper may require the carrier to suspend the transportation, return the goods, change the place of arrival, or deliver the goods to others The consignee, but should compensate the carrier for the losses suffered as a result. 2) In any of the following circumstances, changes and cancellations are allowed: ①The transportation contract cannot be performed due to force majeure. ② Due to the reasons of one of the parties to the contract, it is indeed impossible to perform the transportation contract within the time limit stipulated in the contract. ③The breach of contract by the parties makes the performance of the contract impossible or unnecessary. ④ Both parties to the contract agree to terminate or change, but if it is the carrier who proposes to terminate the contract of carriage, the freight received shall be refunded. Handover procedures of goods in road transportation 1) After the goods are delivered to the place agreed by both parties, the consignee shall receive the goods with valid documents and refuse to accept the goods without reason, and shall compensate the carrier for the losses suffered by it. 2) When the goods are delivered, the carrier and the consignee should do a good job in handover. If damage or poor cargo is found, the carrier and the consignee shall jointly prepare the freight accident record, and the two parties shall sign and confirm on the freight accident record. 3) When the cargo is handed over, if both parties have doubts about the weight and content of the cargo, they can submit an inspection and rebalancing, and the cost of inspection and rebalancing shall be borne by the responsible party. 4) After the goods are delivered to the destination, the consignee shall receive the goods in time. If the consignee is late to receive the goods, it shall pay the carrier for storage fees and other expenses. 5) If the carrier fails to deliver the goods within the agreed time limit, it shall be liable for breach of contract; due to the carrier’s responsibility, the goods shall be delivered or wrongly delivered, and the goods shall be shipped to the designated place free of charge and delivered to the designated consignee. This article is from 855 reprinted please keep
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