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Project goal of warehousing system management

by:CNS     2021-07-16
Project goal of warehouse system management 2021-06-20 11:53:09 Warehouse system management can realize centralized management of all warehouse resources including different regions, different attributes, different specifications, and different costs. Adopt advanced logistics technology equipment such as barcode and radio frequency to realize online login, inventory retrieval, volume calculation, warehouse allocation, damage registration, simple processing, inventory report, lease period alarm, automatic warehouse lease calculation and other warehousing information for outbound and warehoused goods Management; support various warehouse lease plans such as charter lease and bulk lease; support different warehouse layouts such as liquidation and three-dimensional warehouse, and provide customers with remote warehouse status query, bill query and graphical warehouse status query. The warehousing system management module should also conduct comprehensive management and monitoring of the warehouse in a classified and hierarchical mode, shorten the inventory information circulation time, and make the company's material management level clear and orderly. The Guangzhou-Wenzhou logistics line is for procurement, sales and production. Provide a basis; it should have various intelligent early warning functions, which can automatically prompt abnormal conditions such as inventory shortages and overstocks; the system can also classify and summarize material inventory ABC to reduce the backlog of funds. The perfect inventory management function can fully control and manage the company's inventory, reduce inventory costs, and enhance the company's market competitiveness. If the warehousing system management solution is to achieve the goal of reasonable inventory, the following functions should be realized. ① Documents are automatically generated. The person/warehousing list can be automatically generated from the purchaser's warehouse list and the sales warehouse list, which reduces the workload of the warehouse staff. ②Able to ensure sufficient materials. It can carry out KBC classification management for all kinds of goods in the enterprise, and provide the early warning function of the minimum inventory, the maximum inventory, and the safety inventory. ③Able to analyze and identify over-storage items, best-selling items and sluggish items. The custom inventory management model enables enterprise managers to monitor the source, expiration date, and current warehouse and location of each batch of materials at any time, so that they can fully understand the receipt, delivery, and storage status of inventory. ④Provide material allocation between warehouses, warehouse material scrapping and material adjustment services after inventory. The logistics line from Guangzhou to Jiaxing can automatically carry out out-of-warehouse screening processing according to the batch date of commodity materials when materials are shipped. Inventory can be carried out according to warehouse and materials, the inventory data can be automatically summarized, and profit and loss adjustment orders can be generated in time. ⑤The most economical choice for storage costs. Realize the efficient use and management of the effective storage area, and minimize storage. ⑥ The connection between modern warehousing technology and management information system. Realize seamless data transmission and sharing between modern storage technology equipment and management information system, and improve the efficiency of information collection and processing. ⑦Able to provide accurate, timely and intuitive data, reports and charts to the management department. 1173
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