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Railway cargo transport procedures

by:CNS     2020-05-16
( 1) Acceptance and inspection. Station received waybill when the goods, the shipper shall examine the goods on the waybill fill in the item meets the requirements for the railway transportation well review should be put forward along with the supporting documents is complete and effective; Move to comply with the requirement specified station or loading date, such as department of less-than-one carload transport should also indicate the transport number. Move the goods according to the specified date when, according to the inspection of goods specified the waybill is consistent with waybill recorded, the name and number of state are in good condition, whether to conform to the requirements of the shipping mark, packing whether indication and necessary is complete, etc. ( 2) Determine the quality of the goods. Railway transport of goods according to the number and quality of the carrier, but SanDui cargo, batch number, and the pieces of goods of high value of goods not, according to the vehicle transportation, according to the weight of the carrier, regardless of the number. Certain items, the average weight per piece in more than 10 kg, according to a batch of check in and check meter number. Certain items, the average weight per piece more than 10 kg, according to a batch of check in and check into the can pay, according to a point when the vehicle transportation, should according to the weight and quantity of the carrier. The vehicle and use of container transport of goods compound, be determined by the carrier weight; Breakbulk cargo weight in addition to the standard weight, mark or have weighing list, and a heavy than station weighing apparatus of the biggest weighing goods, be determined by the carrier weight well acceptance check weighing fee. The vehicle or LCL cargo weight determined by the shipper, the carrier should spot check, weight, more than the provisions of the state of weighing apparatus of tolerance, acceptance check weigh your fees to the shipper or consignee. ( 3) The carrier and the carrier when the backlog items. LCL and container cargo, arranged by sending station receives, vehicle loading goods, hair stood on the freight waybill affixed with the carrier date stamps, namely for the carrier. Freight should be transferred to sign for the goods waybill HuoYunShi only calculate the freight and fill the freight invoice, subsequently, the station should be general cargo receipt and freight invoice to the shipper, c at the same time, the station shall be in accordance with the provisions, acceptance check shipping costs.
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