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Railway logistics development trend

by:CNS     2021-07-04
The development trend of railway logistics 2021-06-20 22:07:25 Under the guidance of correct and positive development countermeasures, the current development of railway logistics will show the following trends. 1. Container transportation will be vigorously developed. Container transportation is an advanced comprehensive transportation method. It has the characteristics of safety, speed, convenience and economy. It can systematically integrate production, supply, transportation and sales, and fundamentally It has changed the uncoordinated loading, transportation and unloading of cargo transportation, high transportation cost, slow speed, and poor quality. At the same time, it has created necessary conditions for the mechanization, automation and standardization of loading and unloading operations. Container transportation and demand will have better development prospects and will become the new force of railway logistics in the future. 2. Railway combined transportation will further strengthen combined transportation as the main mode of international freight. After my country's entry into the WTO, its position in the global economic integration has become more prominent, requiring logistics operation mode and logistics management to be in line with international standards. Large-scale international production companies often use intermodal transportation to build their fast-reacting and smooth-running supply chain system, which is an important part of their global strategy. Therefore, our country can only consider the development of the railway system and water transportation, air transportation, branch roads and other professional service support as a whole interconnected consideration, to achieve 'door-to-door' services, and to integrate door-to-door, station-to-station, and station-to-door transportation. As an integral part of railway cargo transportation, it implements one-stop service, one department management, one window acceptance, one-stop price charging, one ticket check and receipt, one account accounting, and a set of system control. Only by breaking through the railway closed system transportation pattern, can railway intermodal transportation develop into an indispensable part of the global supply chain support system. 3. The logistics visualization system will play an important role. With the deepening of the global information network process, logistics supply chain management has established a smooth and efficient information platform. Relying on this platform to realize the visualized business management of the supply chain is an important goal for the development of logistics enterprises in the future. With the continuous improvement of the railway system information network and the continuous formation of the Internet information sharing system, the railway logistics business visualization system will be widely developed and applied, and supply chain enterprises can realize real-time tracking of products on the supply chain network. In the field of railway transportation, by installing satellite navigation terminal equipment, the satellite navigation system will provide highly reliable and high-precision positioning, speed measurement, and timing services, promote the modernization of railway transportation, and realize the full tracking and management of goods. The application of visualization technology and system development will be an important means for railway transportation logistics to gain an advantage in the future market competition. 4. The performance of logistics equipment will be greatly improved. The performance of logistics equipment will be greatly improved. The performance of logistics equipment is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the scale of large-scale, in order to further develop the scale advantages of railway logistics, railway freight vehicles are developing towards heavy load. The second is the high speed. The railway will continue to narrow the gap with air transportation and road transportation by increasing the transportation speed. For example, France made a high-speed train with a speed of 513.3km per hour in 1990, and Japan increased its experimental speed to 539km per hour in 1998. my country is currently adopting a variety of technical solutions to achieve the railway speed-up strategy. The third is the mechanization, specialization and automation of loading, unloading and handling equipment in freight yards to improve the logistics capacity of the railway logistics network at the node, and reduce the system 'bottleneck' caused by the insufficient loading and unloading capacity of logistics nodes. 5. The level of logistics specialization will further improve the global third-party professional logistics company is the main force of future logistics development. As a logistics system integrator, third-party logistics companies through the integration of customers, fine management, and orderly 'multi-point stop distributionDelivery and other services. In my country, the logistics demand is mainly domestic foreign-funded enterprises, multinational companies, domestic new large and medium-sized enterprises and large state-owned industrial enterprises. They are eager to obtain timely and accurate logistics services through contracts, logistics, facility leasing and other forms. All these show that my country has great potential for developing third-party logistics. With the deepening of system reform and the improvement of management level, my country's railway transportation logistics will surely develop into an important third-party logistics enterprise group. 6. The transformation of traditional dispatching to intelligent transportation management is the goal of logistics to meet customer needs. The planned operation of railways in the past is gradually changing to organized driving according to demand. The 'physical goods system' is based on the e-commerce platform to realize the online handling of freight business. To provide cargo owners with the most convenient freight services to the maximum extent, the core of which is to implement transportation organization reforms that conform to the laws and requirements of the market economy around the goods with transportation needs, so as to improve the quality of railway freight services and market competitiveness. In this way, the time cost for enterprises to handle transportation can be reduced, the efficiency of commodity circulation can be improved, and the safety of cargo transportation can be maintained. In addition, the 'physical goods system' facilitates the collection of cargo transportation information and the understanding of the destination of the cargo, so as to facilitate the understanding of the market demand for the goods and the supply of the goods. The implementation of 'physical goods system' puts forward new and higher requirements for transportation scheduling, prompting changes in scheduling strategies and scheduling decision-making methods. In addition, the application of some new technologies can also improve the intelligence of scheduling. By installing satellite navigation terminals, the interval between trains can be greatly shortened, transportation costs can be reduced, and transportation efficiency can be effectively improved. At the same time, the satellite navigation system will provide highly reliable and high-precision positioning, speed measurement, and timing services, promote the modernization of railway transportation, and realize the transformation from traditional dispatch to intelligent transportation management.
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