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Reasonable storage

by:CNS     2021-07-14
Reasonable storage 2021-06-20 17:41:58 Items must be stored in a certain amount to meet the demand within a certain period of time. A certain amount refers to the amount that is reasonably stored. The elements of reasonable storage investigation are: (1) Reasonable storage capacity. Reasonable storage is the quantity that can guarantee the normal supply of goods during this period before the arrival of new demand goods. Reasonable storage must be based on ensuring the normal circulation of goods. The influencing factors are mainly as follows: First, the social demand, storage volume and market demand are directly related. In order to meet the needs of consumption, the logistics from Guangzhou to Chongqing needs a corresponding amount of goods to be available for market supply at any time. When other conditions remain unchanged, the storage volume is directly proportional to the market demand; secondly, the item reproduction process, storage must be adapted to the reproduction time, under other conditions unchanged, the size of the storage volume and the length of the reproduction cycle It is directly proportional (the reproduction time is short, the storage of goods can be reduced, and vice versa, the storage of goods must be increased); again, it is the transportation conditions, the size of the storage is closely related to the transportation conditions, and the products are imported from the production field. In the field of human consumption, transportation tools and transportation time are required. The transportation conditions are good, and the storage volume can be reduced. Finally, the management level and equipment conditions. The size of the storage volume is also limited by the company's own conditions, such as warehouse equipment, purchase channels, and intermediate Links will affect the amount of commodity storage. (2) Reasonable storage structure. Reasonable storage structure refers to the proportional relationship between the storage volume of items of different varieties and specifications. The society's needs for goods require not only the satisfaction of the total supply, but also the selection of varieties and specifications, and the continuous changes in the structure. Therefore, while determining the reasonable storage quantity, it is necessary to consider the reasonable proportion of its varieties and specifications in storage and the market changes in order to determine the correct commodity storage structure. (3) Reasonable storage time. While determining the reasonable storage quantity and structure, we must also pay attention to the reasonable storage time of the goods. First, the storage time is affected by the sales time of the product. When the product is sold quickly, the storage time is short, and when the product is sold slowly, the storage time is long, and even the backlog is stored in the warehouse. Therefore, the logistics department must keep abreast of production and sales, promote production, expand sales, and accelerate turnover. Second, the storage time is also affected by the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the items. Exceeding the storage time limit allowed by the natural attributes of the item itself, the item will gradually lose its use value. Therefore, the storage time must be based on ensuring the safety of items and reducing losses and wastage. (4) Reasonably store the network. In the field of production and circulation, in order to meet the needs of production and living consumption, logistics from Guangzhou to Chengdu must set up storage outlets. The reasonable layout of several storage outlets constitutes a storage network to ensure that customer needs are met. Organizing reasonable storage can reduce the occupation of funds, shorten the cycle of goods circulation, reduce business risks, and reduce unnecessary transit links. This has important practical significance for logistics. 1595
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