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Reasons for transportation demand

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Reasons for transportation demand 2021-06-20 20:31:48 Thompson (1974) once attributed the reasons why people in modern society need transportation to the following 7 points. (1) The uneven distribution of natural resources means that it is impossible for any place to provide all the goods needed by local residents, so transportation is needed to enable exchanges between different areas. (2) The high-level material civilization of modern society relies on specialized division of labor, and large-scale industries not only need to obtain diversified raw materials from various places, but also need to open up distant markets for their products. (3) A good transportation system helps to realize economies of scale supported by technological innovation, automation, mass production and sales, and research and development activities. (4) Transportation has always played an important political and military role. Internally, a country needs a good transportation system to support effective national defense and political cohesion; externally, a strong transportation capacity is an important symbol of a country's prosperity, and it is also a means for those big countries to achieve overseas ambitions and rule colonies. one. (5) Good transportation is the basis for increasing social communication and understanding, and helps to solve the problems caused by different regions; for many underdeveloped countries, providing basic transportation conditions is still the primary way to lift the closed state of some regions. (6) The improvement of traffic conditions allows people to make many choices and arrangements among their living places, working places, daily shopping, and leisure places, which affects people's lifestyles to a large extent. (7) Modern transportation is helpful for international cultural exchanges, so that people can understand the cultural characteristics of other countries, and show their own culture to foreign countries through international exhibitions, art performances and sports competitions.
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