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Relationship and positioning with industrial structure

by:CNS     2021-07-18
The relationship and positioning with the industrial structure 2021-06-20 17:35:48 The logistics industry is a typical service industry, so the survival of the logistics park is based on the development of other industries. Only after a city's industrial industry develops to a certain level, and then generates sufficient logistics demand, the construction of a logistics park has practical significance. 1. The impact of industrial structure on the construction of logistics parks. Regional industrial structure and changes in industrial structure have a significant impact on the logistics infrastructure, regional logistics structure and service level of the logistics park. For example, in the central and western regions, because raw materials, industry, and agriculture are the mainstays in the industrial structure, the main activities of the regional logistics park are related to the activities of bulk goods transported by rail and water transportation, and the profits that Guangzhou freight company can tap The space is relatively small; while the high-tech industries and manufacturing industries in the east can use a variety of transportation methods for their supply and finished products, and at the same time, they have higher requirements for time response and higher requirements for the service level of regional logistics. The development structure of logistics parks in the eastern and western regions is different. 2. The impact of industrial clusters on the construction of logistics parks. The development of parks depends on the formation of industrial clusters. The general feature of the park is the concentration of a large number of enterprises in a certain area. However, the geographical concentration of enterprises and the sharing of public goods do not necessarily produce agglomeration effects. If there is a lack of industrial relevance among internal companies, a good division of labor and cooperation cannot be formed, resulting in each company being a closed large and complete production system, production and transaction costs are high, the product market competitive advantage is not strong, and the development of the company is inhibited. , And there is no energy to innovate. Moreover, due to the non-clusterization of Renyuan enterprises and lack of high-level professional division of labor and collaboration, the risks and costs of new enterprises are very high. Therefore, the development of an industrial park depends on the synergy formed by the industrial relevance or business relevance of the enterprises in the park. As a special form of organization, industrial clusters form an informal cooperation contract based on the division of labor in the industrial chain and the trust foundation established by long-term cooperation. Among these enterprises, there are competitions and collaborations based on resource sharing and professional division of labor. The organizational form and mechanism of industrial clusters have an important impact on the development of logistics parks. The industrial competitiveness of logistics parks also exists in industrial clusters. As an organizational form for effective collaboration between enterprises, industrial clusters are an inevitable choice to promote the development of logistics parks. The key for Guangzhou Logistics Company to enhance the industrial competitiveness of logistics parks is the logistics park. Whether an industrial cluster can be formed. Governments at all levels and logistics parks are closely focusing on cultivating industrial clusters to enhance the competitiveness of the parks. 3. The positioning of the logistics park based on the industrial structure The positioning of the logistics park based on the industrial structure is shown as follows. First of all, the logistics park should serve the city's industries, and plan and build on this basis. That is to say, the city should first have an industrial base and an industrial structure that supports logistics needs (manufacturing enterprises, large-scale commercial circulation enterprises), and then carry out the positioning, planning and construction of the logistics park. For example: the international logistics park of the international shipping center, the port industrial logistics park, the bonded logistics park, the logistics park of the petrochemical industry, home appliances, and the automobile industry, the raw material logistics park of the raw material origin and processing base, the business center, the commodity transaction, and the distribution center. Trade logistics park, small commodity logistics park, border trade international logistics park for border trade, etc. Secondly, characteristic logistics parks can be set up according to the characteristics of regional economic industrial clusters. It can be divided into: agricultural logistics parks with primary industry characteristics, including chemical fertilizers, agricultural machinery, seeds, agricultural technical services, clean vegetable processing and distribution, grain inventory processing, flowers, etc.; industrial logistics parks with secondary industry characteristics, including industrial products Collection and distribution, distribution, etc.; a circulation service logistics park with tertiary industry characteristics, including collection and distribution of daily commodities, wholesale of building materials, etc.
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