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Relative to the ground transportation, air transportation has how in industry and transportation advantage

by:CNS     2020-07-30
Relative to the ground transportation, air transportation industry and has the advantage of how Shanghai air transportation companies with the development of air cargo business, air cargo agent enterprises came into being. In the form of air cargo import and export goods, need a certain formalities, such as the export goods before starting to pay the airline carrier's booking, storage, documents making, customs declaration, shipment, etc. ; Import of the goods at the destination airport of airline or airport cargo, storage regulation, documents making, customs declaration, shipping and transportation, etc. Airlines generally is not responsible for the business, as a result, closed, the shipper must provide air cargo by air freight representative company business, or on its own to airlines deal with air cargo business. Most air cargo for air transport links and are very familiar with the relevant rules and regulations, and with the airlines, airports, customs, commodity inspection, all relatived inspections, quarantine and other transport departments have extensive and close contact, with air cargo agents of various facilities and necessary conditions. At the same time, the air freight agent company has offices all over the world, or, or have agency network, able to timely contact, to grasp the whole process of carriage of goods, therefore, entrust a air freight forwarding company to handle import and export cargo transportation is convenient. International air freight in the ground, because itself aviation goods price is quite high, operation process link compares other transport way much more strictly, breakage, greatly reduce the shipment after the plane, it is difficult to cause damage to the goods in the air, so in the whole cargo transport links, the lower breakage, good safety of the goods. Although this characteristic makes some goods from the physical properties, weak air, such as big volume, heavy weight machinery equipment instrument, etc. , but some of this kind of goods are special damage to the goods, so the constraints must be shipped by air transport, to reduce the risk of damage.
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