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Remanufacturing logistics main link

by:CNS     2020-05-23
The uncertainty of remanufacturing logistics, increasing the difficulty of management, so it is necessary to optimize control of remanufacturing production activity each link, to reduce production costs, ensure product quality. Remanufacturing logistics generally should include the following main parts: one is recycling, recycling refers to the product held by customers will return to collect center by means of paid or unpaid, by collecting center again to the factory again. This collection center may be any one node on the supply chain, such as products from the customer may return to the upstream suppliers, manufacturers, may also be the downstream distributors, retailers, and can be set up specifically for remanufacturing collection point. Recycling usually include collection, transportation, warehousing and other activities. 2 it is preliminary and dismantling, classification and storage: to preliminary dismantling and recycling products test and analysis, and according to the product structure characteristics and performance of parts of feasible treatment scheme is determined, the main assessment of recycling products to manufacture. Evaluation of recycling products, can be roughly divided into the following three categories: product to manufacture, the machine stop manufacturing, product core part to manufacturing. Core components of the product can be made to remove, remove to make parts. And then will be able to manufacture of recycling products, not in the recovery and recycling products disassembly parts stored separately. Preliminary and dismantling of the recycled product classification and storage, can avoid again will no longer create value products to the manufacturers, reduce unnecessary transportation, to reduce transportation costs. Third, packaging and shipping: recycling of waste products is generally dirty will pollute the environment, in order to convenient handling, and to prevent environmental pollution, to recycle products to make the necessary bundling, packaging and packaging. Transportation of recycling products, according to the shape, individual quality, volume of goods, dangerous and alterative choice reasonable means of transportation. For OEM remanufacturing system, due to the timing of the remanufacturing production is not very strong, so you can use the new return delivery of recycling products, product sales to save transportation costs. Four is remanufacturing processing: manufacturing processes including product level and component level of remanufacturing, eventually forming quality equal to or higher than that of new remanufacturing product and components. The process including the size and performance, technical renovation, rework, replace and assembly steps, etc. Due to the arrival time of returned logistics, quality and quantity of uncertainty, the degree of product disassembly and remove the uncertainty of time, increased the difficulty of the remanufacturing production planning, can with the aid of the reverse logistics information network, provide product characteristics ( Such as product structure, the manufacturer, using history, etc. ) Data, prepare the remanufacturing production operation plan, optimize the remanufacturing business process. Five is the remanufacturing product sales and service: remanufacturing product sales and service refers to the remanufacturing product to have the demand of customers and provide after-sales service. Generally includes sales, transportation, warehousing and other steps. The main factors influencing the remanufacturing product sales is customer acceptance of remanufacturing products, so when it comes to sales must emphasize to produce products of high quality, and preferential on price.
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