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rescuers harness cargo ship drifting toward france

by:CNS     2019-11-17
The panel\'s last attempt to salvage a cargo ship that had been drifting off the French coast for five days proved Monday\'s initial success just hours before it could run aground.
The broadcast image shows 538-
On Monday afternoon, another ship towed foot Express via cable.
It\'s only 28 miles off the French coast.
The first goal for rescuers is to drag it further before finally finding a safe port.
Windy 20-
Rescue attempts over the weekend could not be made.
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Emmanuel de Oliveira of the Atlantic sea County said earlier on Monday that the last effort was at 538-
Foot boat, which is listed nearly 90 degrees, is happening at dawn on Monday.
If it fails, the ship will run aground in southwest France on Tuesday night, he said.
In this Jan.
2016 pictures released by the French maritime safety bureau show a helicopter landing an SMIT Salvage expert on a Panamanian cargo ship \"Modern Express\" abandoned on the French coast.
Spanish helicopter evacuated from the French Maritime Bureau
On Tuesday, the crew sent a distress call after a Modern Express with 3,600 tons of wood and equipment.
The boat drifted south until Sunday afternoon, 60 miles off the coast of Arcachon, a resort town south of Bordeaux.
De Oliveira said at a press conference that if it is not put in, it is expected to run aground in the south of the Landes area.
In January, the affected cargo ship \"Modern Express\" appeared on the Atlantic Ocean near France.
2016 of the photos provided by the French maritime state.
Reuters he said he expected if Panama-
Due to the fact that the goods were mainly timber and there was no sign of leaking 300 tons of fuel, the registered vessel had hit the coast.
Experts from Smit Salavage in the Netherlands were invited to try to capture the drift ship with the help of two Spanish tugs and a French vessel.
\"It is completely impossible for the cargo ship to stand upright,\" De Oliveira said . \".
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