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Responsibilities of freight forwarders

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The responsibility of the freight forwarder 2021-06-20 17:16:25 The responsibility of the international freight forwarder refers to the responsibility of the international freight forwarder as an agent and a party. (1) Basic Responsibilities (1) As the carrier, complete the transportation of the goods and assume responsibility (it will issue the shipping documents, or transport it by itself, or entrust others to complete the transportation of the goods, and collect the freight). (2) As a carrier, it is not directly responsible for completing the transportation of goods (it is not directly responsible for the issuance of freight documents by others, the use of transportation vehicles that are in control, or the rental of transportation vehicles of others, or the entrustment of others to complete the transportation of goods). (3) According to the agreement or contract with the entrusting party, or when carrying out business activities according to the entrusting party's instructions, the freight forwarder shall complete the entrustment with the usual responsibilities, especially within the scope of authorization, truthfully report all important matters. (4) The information and information provided to the entrusting party in the entrusted handling business must be true. If there is any concealment or loss caused by the false information provided, the entrusting party has the right to recourse against the freight forwarder and cancel the agency contract or protocol. (5) Freight forwarders are obliged to keep confidential, and the information obtained in the process of freight forwarding shall not be leaked to third parties. At the same time, it is not allowed to transfer the agency right to others. (2) The liability period starts when the goods are received and ends when the goods are delivered to the consignee at the destination, or the goods are placed at the place indicated by the consignee as instructed to complete and fulfill the delivery obligations stipulated in the contract. (3) Responsibility for the contract The international freight forwarder shall be liable for compensation for the loss of goods caused by its failure to execute the contract. (4) Responsibility for warehousing When the freight forwarder receives the goods and prepares for warehousing, they should give the entrusting party a receipt or warehouse certification after receiving the goods, and perform their duties during the goods storage, and choose different storage methods according to the characteristics and packaging of the goods. . (5) The entrusting party of rights shall pay to the freight forwarder all expenses incurred due to the transportation, custody, insurance, customs clearance, visa, document processing and other services provided to the freight forwarder, and at the same time, it shall also pay the freight forwarder cannot Other expenses incurred due to the inability to perform the contract due to control reasons. If the loss or damage of the goods falls within the scope of the insurer’s contract, the freight forwarder obtains the right of subrogation from the owner of the goods after the compensation, and Guangzhou to Ya’an Logistics obtains compensation or repayment from other responsible persons. When the freight forwarder fully compensates the goods, the ownership of the relevant goods is transferred to the freight forwarder. (6) Exemption from liability (1) Due to the negligence or negligence of the entrusting party; (2) Due to the negligence of the entrusting party or other agents in the process of loading, unloading, warehousing or other operations; (3) Due to the natural characteristics or potential defects of the goods (4) Because the packaging of the goods is not firm and the mark is unclear; (5) Because the delivery address of the goods is unclear, incomplete, and inaccurate; (6) Because the description of the content of the goods is unclear and incomplete; (7) Because Force majeure, natural disasters, accidents. However, if it can be proved that the loss or damage of the goods was caused by the negligence or negligence of the freight forwarder, the freight forwarder shall be liable for compensation for the loss or damage of the goods. 1626
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