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robert prescott, ex‐fighter pilot and founder of airline for cargo

by:CNS     2019-10-17
Robert W.
Prescott is a World War II fighter pilot and an ace of the Flying Tigers. After returning home, the Flying Tiger Team, the world\'s largest airline, was founded.
He is 64 years old and lives in Palm Springs, California. Mr.
Prescott is the only president at 32. year-
The veteran airline survived the return war after World War II, and the pilot wanted to buy extra aircraft and open his own route.
\"At that time,\" Mr.
Prescott once told a reporter, \"just after World War II, we are a group of war surplus pilots looking for jobs.
Air freight seems to have not been developed yet, and we know that the air passenger business is a closed area.
\"So we started the air freight industry, but I never felt that a new industry was born today. ”Mr.
Prescott\'s aviation career began before World War II when he became a naval aviation student at the Pensacola Naval Training Station in Florida.
But he was flying in wartime as one of a small group of civilian mercenaries flying for the general. Claire L.
Chennault fought against Japan in China before the United States entered World War II.
Officially, mercenaries are volunteer organizations in the United States, but they are labeled \"Flying Tigers \".
After the United States entered the war, the Flying Tigers, still under the command of General Chennault, were transferred to the US Army Air Force on 1942, flying off the hump, and crossing the route of the Himalayas between China and India. In 1945, Mr.
Prescott raised $80,000 from his wartime colleagues and $80,000 from businessmen, for $140,000, 14 Budd Conestoga pairs were purchased to sell six at a profitable price, and the National skyway Freight Company was set up in ttersboro, New York. J.
In 1947, the name of the line was changed to the Flying Tiger Line.
The adventure did not succeed immediately.
The line carries goods, including clothing, grapes, flowers, furniture, horses from Roy Rogers, cattle from Boden, horse racing and football teams.
But it took the line five years to make a profit.
Sir is described as arrogant and pompous
Prescott asked his pilot to do business at barnstorm, where he spent a lot of time looking for business and lobbying for the air freight industry.
In 1947, he bid in Washington for the revival of the US military in Japan.
Prescott and a partner have three possible bids.
Before retiring at night, they carefully considered which tender to submit, sir.
Prescott\'s colleagues noticed his boss\'s underpants, which were worn out.
\"Bob, we \'d better bid the lowest,\" Assocate said.
\"Is was the right decision, and later when it won the contract at a tenth of 1 cent a tonne, it was considered the first piece of luck for the bank. Mr.
Prescott\'s route was the first charter flight over the Atlantic in 1950s.
It was the first to fund expensive new aircraft by selling the aircraft trust certificate to the public.
Now, its aircraft is 747 and dc8s. In 1969, Mr.
Prescott received a flight route across the Pacific, extending his 3,906-mile interstate system to a global network of 17,537 miles.
He recently saw the culmination of decades of work.
Congress voted to lift controls on the air freight industry.
This means that air freight companies are no longer regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, so they can fly routes as required by the market, and the rate structure is usually determined by supply and demand. Mr.
Prescott was born in Fort Worth on May 5, 1913.
He left law school in 1939 to enter the Navy, and later said, \"because I can foresee the coming of war.
But after the war, he hopes to return to schcol.
\"My main idea when setting up an airline was to make money and then go back to law school,\" he said.
When we started Flying Tigers, I told my wife, \"Well, this is June, and everything will go well by September, and I can go back to law school. ”Mr.
Prescott left his wife annamari and two daughters.
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