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Safety management of warehouse technology

by:CNS     2021-07-16
The safety management of warehouse technology 2021-06-20 21:14:02 The safety management of warehouse technology is mainly for the relevant measures taken in the following links: (1) The lightning protection warehouse is a place for cargo storage, transportation and maintenance. Once it is struck by lightning, It will cause heavy losses. Therefore, Guangzhou Logistics must take corresponding lightning protection measures to protect the safety of the warehouse. Common lightning protection devices include lightning rods, lightning cables, lightning nets, lightning belts, and lightning arresters. Generally, lightning protection devices should be installed in the warehouses that are vulnerable to lightning strikes, so that the protected warehouse and the objects protruding from the warehouse roof are within the protection range of the air-termination device; the metal products in the warehouse and the metal objects protruding from the roof should be On the lightning-induced grounding device; low-voltage overhead lines should be directly buried in the ground with a metal armored cable with a length of not less than 50 meters. The metal sheath of the household cable should be connected to the lightning protection grounding device, and the cable and the overhead line should be connected. Valve-type arresters should also be installed. The lightning protection facilities of the warehouse and the oil pipeline passing through the warehouse shall be installed completely. Generally, the cross-sectional area of u200bu200blightning protection nets, lightning protection belts and their lead wires should not be less than 50 square meters, the buried underground grounding body should reach 100 square meters, and the grounding depth should not be less than 0.5 meters. The grounding wire must have a good conductive effect, if necessary, often add some salt water, such as the rocky layer of the mountain. (2) Anti-static ˉAnti-static measures should be taken for explosives and oil products. The safety of static electricity should be managed by a dedicated person who understands the relevant technology, and equipped with the necessary testing equipment, and timely measures should be taken when problems are found. All anti-static facilities should be kept clean to prevent chemical corrosion, grease stains and mechanical collision damage. The anti-static facilities should be inspected 1 to 2 times a year, and the test should be carried out under dry weather conditions. (3) The management of electrical installations and circuits shall be determined according to the classification of fire and explosion hazard sites. Warehouses and other places should cut off the power after the work is over. In addition to regular inspections of electrical equipment, insulation inspections should be carried out at least twice a year, and problems should be dealt with in a timely manner. It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of short circuits and overloads in distribution lines. It is forbidden to use unqualified safety devices, and it is forbidden to connect electrical appliances privately. Iodine tungsten lamps and fluorescent lamps are not allowed to be used in warehouses with explosives. When the moisture absorber is turned on, the fuselage should be more than 1 meter away from the stack, and no stacking at the exhaust port, and there should be special guards so that people can walk and stop. (4) Flood control Although flood and rain are a natural phenomenon, they often have an adverse effect on the safe storage of goods, so we should do a good job of flood control in warehouses. In the flood prevention work of storage enterprises, the following points should be paid attention to: 1. Establish a flood prevention organization within the enterprise, especially before the flood season, form a temporary flood prevention organization, which should be directly led by the manager. 2. Actively prevent daily flood prevention education should be carried out on a regular basis. During the flood season, duty should be strengthened. Workers should take turns to guard the treasury. Leaders should sit on the front line, direct workers and organize rescue operations. 3. Master the information ~ It is necessary to understand the changes in the flood situation in time to reduce the blindness of flood control measures. 4. To improve storage conditions, attention should be paid to the renovation of drainage facilities and the improvement of the cargo space in the old warehouse; the new warehouse should consider the influence of the flood conditions over the years, so that the warehouse facilities can withstand the impact of rain. 5. Be prepared before the flood season should pay attention to reserve flood control materials, such as water pumps, grass (hemp) bags, earth and rocks, etc., to avoid temporary surprise.
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