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by:CNS     2019-11-14
3rd in November 2016, many express delivery companies will receive the global freight awards.
The awards cover various categories in the transportation industry, including air freight solutions, global freight solutions, heavy lifting and transportation solutions, sea freight solutions and professional freight solutions, and more general categories, such as categories that recognize high-achiever in areas such as lifetime contributions in the transportation sector, environmental considerations and customer service.
Why set up Awards?
In a large industry with many different courier companies offering competitive services, the more you can help your brand stand out, the better.
What is more effective way to differentiate your brand than to win a highly respected award to confirm your service\'s advantages to competitors?
Win an award to will immediately-
Become a customer and shareholder of one of the best express delivery companies in the world.
This may just be an advantage your business needs, and when you win these high profile contracts and attract smaller customers, it may be you as go-to company.
Winning even competing Awards is also a great way to make your employees proud of their company and help them feel accepted and valued.
How does voting work?
Two rounds of voting.
A person, who had just finished writing this report, completed 2nd in September 2016 and the second from September 12-20 to September 30.
Voters can vote in any number of categories, and two rounds of voting are added together.
Two rounds of voting decided which courier company entered the final.
After that, the finalists will be presented to a panel of independent judges with considerable expertise in the field.
After careful consideration, the winners were announced at the awards ceremony.
What about the ceremony?
The ceremony was at 3rd Lancaster Hotel, London, November 2016.
10 people per seat, including wine, food and entertainment.
The value-added tax on the standard table is 2,845, while the advanced table (
Table brand, central positioning and 2 bottles of Champagne)
VAT of 3,520 per piece. Extra wine (
5 bottles per table)
Once you have booked your tickets, you can order and celebrity host Milton Jones will be present at night.
Whether your company is one of the express delivery companies that entered the final or you just want to be part of the industry\'s honor, it\'s definitely a memorable evening.
If you would like to receive an award for next year, we recommend making customers and colleagues aware of this so they can vote for you.
Good luck to the finalists!
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