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Sea freight risk category

by:CNS     2020-05-15
International trade in the maritime transport of goods, loading and unloading, and storage process, could face various risks, and the risk of carriage of goods by sea the underwriter mainly cover risk and external risk with sea. ( A) Perils of the sea perils of the sea in the field is known as the perils of the sea, including the occurrence of natural disasters and accidents at sea. Refers to the natural disasters caused by variation of nature disasters caused by the destruction. In Marine insurance, natural disasters only refers to the bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, floods, volcanic eruptions and other force majeure disasters. Due to an unexpected accident is reason caused by the accident. In Marine insurance, accident means only ran aground, rocks, sink, collision, fire, explosion and missing, etc. 1. Bay: refers to the ship and the bottom of the sea, shallow, Banks cannot predict in advance to the unexpected situation occurs on the rocks, and put aside for a period of time, make the ship can't continue to travel in order to complete the transportation task. But the regularity of tidal fluctuations caused by the grounding is not belongs to the category of insurance ran aground. 2. On the rocks: refers to the cargo ship hit the water rocks or other obstacles ( Including) 。 3. Sink: refers to all or most of the hull has sink below the surface, and has set up a losing the ability to continue to sail. If hull part into the water, but remains navigation ability, not as a sink. 4. Collision: refers to the ship and the ship or other fixed, the flow of fixture against contact. Such as ships with an iceberg, bridge, wharf, light, such as collision, etc. 5. Fire: refers to the ship itself, equipment and carrying the goods on board the burning. 6. Explosion: refers to the ship boiler exploded or other machinery and equipment and ship the goods by climate conditions ( Such as temperature) Impact on chemical reaction caused by the explosion. 7. Missing: refers to the ship on the voyage lost contact, missing, and after more than a certain period, still no whereabouts and message, which is considered to be missing. ( 2) Exotic foreign risk generally refers to the risk caused by external causes. It can be divided into general external risks and special risks from the outside world. 1. General external risks. Refers to the goods in transit due to theft, rain, short volume, leakage, breakage, be affected with damp be affected with damp, heat, mildew, odoour, contamination, hook, rust, touch the loss caused by reasons such as risk. 2. Special external risks. Is because of the war, strikes, refused to deliver goods, such as political, military, national ban and controls the risk and loss. As a result of political factors, or war ships to transport the goods detained by hostile states and cause can't delivery; Some countries issued new policy or new controls and some international organizations ban, can contribute to export or import goods and loss.
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