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Sea shipment terms

by:CNS     2020-05-03
In regarding the transaction, buyers and sellers have to delivery time, shipment and destination, whether partial shipments and transhipment allowed, transshipment problems such as agreed upon, and specifically prescribed in the contract. Clear and reasonable regulation shipment terms, is to ensure that the important condition of import and export contract performed smoothly. Shipment terms of content and specific conclude a contract with the nature and the mode of transportation have a close relationship. Most of our import and export contracts are F. O. B。 C。 我。 F。 And C. F。 R。 Contract, and most of the goods by sea transport. According to the international trade practice, under the condition of the above, the seller just put the goods at the port of shipment stipulated in the contract delivery formalities, get clean shipping documents, and deliver the whole buyers' or its agent, or complete delivery obligations. Therefore, the shipment terms of the contract should include the time of shipment, shipment port, destination port, whether to allow transshipment and partial shipment, shipping advice, and demurrage, dispatch terms, etc. Time of shipment time of shipment, also called shipment ( 交货时间) , is the main condition of the sales contract, such as the violation of this condition, the buyer shall have the right to cancel the contract, request the seller to compensate the loss. The port of shipment and the port of destination port of shipment, 装运港) Refers to the initial shipment port. The port of destination, 目的港) Refers to the final discharge port. Partial shipment and transshipment partial shipment (so-called 分批装运) Refers to a transaction of goods, number of shipment. According to the 'uniform custom and practice for documentary credit' regulation, in the same boat, the same voyage shipment for many times, even if the bill of lading for the different and the date of shipment ( Or) Different loading port, also do not make partial shipment. In commodities trading, buyers and sellers according to the number of delivery, transport conditions and factors such as market selling price need, partial shipment is stipulated in the contract terms. Shipment advising shipment notification ( 装船通知) Is in the charter transportation under the condition of commodity import and export goods, to the agreed terms in the contract. Provisions of this clause is to clear the purpose of the buyer and the seller responsibility, encourage buyers and sellers to cooperation each other, together to do a good job of cargo cohesion. Loading and unloading time, loading rate and demurrage, dispatch clause ( 1) Loading and unloading time (loading and unloading time 装卸时间) Refers to the time allowed provided under the loading and unloading task, it generally represented in days or hours. ( 2) Loading rate loading rate, which refers to the number of loading and unloading of goods per day. Loading rate of the concrete, the general should be in accordance with the habits of the normal loading and unloading speed, to master the principle of seeking truth from facts. Loading rate of high and low, relates to the loading and unloading task time and freight rates, loading and unloading rate is too high or too low are not appropriate. Regulation is too high, can't finish loading and unloading task, to bear the demurrage ( demurrage) The loss; Vice rules is too low, can complete loading and unloading of the task ahead of time, can get the ship's dispatch ( 速遣费) , but the ship will be due to the loading rate is low, between ship in long and increase the freight, the charterers do more harm than good. Therefore, the regulation of loading rate should be appropriate. ( 3) Demurrage and despatch if within the allowed laytime in failing to finish loading and unloading the goods, the ship is in port prolonged, causes pecuniary loss to the ship, the latency period of losses, shall be agreed by every certain amount of compensation to the ship, the compensation is called demurrage. On the other hand, in terms of loading and unloading time and loading rate, the loading and unloading of the task ahead of time. Make the ship to save the cost of the ship in the port of spending, the ship will be in the interests of its access to the charterer as a bonus, called the despatch fee. Traditionally, dispatch is commonly half demurrage. Demurrage and dispatch are usually agreed to some amount every day, less than a day, calculated on a sliding scale.
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