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Seaborne exports check work

by:CNS     2020-05-12
Sea export transportation work, clinch a deal in the CIF or CFR terms, the seller to arrange transportation, its working procedures are as follows: review the shipment terms in the l/c: to make a successful shipment, after receipt of l/c must audit the relevant shipment terms, such as the time of shipment, the settlement of exchange, the loading port, the port of destination, whether transshipment or partial shipment and whether the specified shipping company, name of vessel, the master class, etc. , and some certificate required to provide a variety of proof, such as course certificate, certificate of registration, etc. , on the terms and provisions, I should be according to the policy in our country, the international convention, asked whether reasonable or whether can do it and to consider accepting or request changes. Is ready for the inspection: according to the export volume of the goods in the contract and the l/c varieties, specifications, quantity, packing and so on, on time, quality, volume the export goods to be delivered to ready, and do a good job to apply for commodity inspection and license. Refrigerated cargo to do a good job in cool temperature in order to make sure when loading conforms to specified purchase requirements. In our country, all included in the commodity inspection authorities specified & other Type table & throughout; Trade in goods and according to the l/c, the stipulations of the contract goods certificate issued by the commodity inspection authorities, before export customs declaration, all needs to fill in & other; Throughout & export inspection application form. Apply to the commodity inspection. Some exports to appraisal the weight, some need to animal and plant quarantine or health, safety inspection, will be completed in advance and obtain the qualified inspection certificate. Good preparation before shipment, the goods certificate are complete, can deal with the shipping work. Shipper booking: developing export consignment note, you can go through the formalities for commission booking with freight forwarder. Freight forwarder according to the specific requirements of the shipper according to the routes after sorting, in a timely manner to the shipping company or its agent for the booking. The owner may also directly to the shipping company or its agent for the booking. When the shipping company or their agents to check out the shipping orders, custom work is completed, means that the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier has been concluded. Insurance: cargo reserved space, belongs to the seller's insurance, can deal with formalities of goods for the risk of carriage. Insurance amount is usually based on CIF invoice for bonus ( Add into according to the agreed upon between the seller and the buyer, if not agreed, for 10% above the average) 。 Goods on port: when the ship to the port of loading plan is determined, in accordance with the notice of port stock and within the prescribed time limit, the shipper completed the formalities of CSCL, focuses of export goods shipped to the port in time, waiting for shipment, do batch number clear, clear, marked clearly. Must pay attention to the special attention and port, shipping companies and related companies or rail unit keep in close contact, timely completion of replenish onr's stock, to prevent the work which might affect the shipment schedule. Customs declaration work: after the goods on port, the establishment good export goods declaration form, together with the shipping order, invoice, packing list, inspection certificate, the export contract, foreign exchange verification sheet and other relevant documents to the customs declaration for export, the customs officers inspection qualified rear can shipment release. Shipment: before shipment, the tally clerk on behalf of the ship, collect the customs release the shipping order and receipt of goods, after finishing, according to the stowage plan and manifest, partial shipment. In the process of shipment, the shipper freight forwarders should be entrusted by the people in the on-site supervision of loading, time of shipment schedule and deal with temporary problems. Of completion, the tally the group leader to sign a receipt, together with the ship's chief officer to the shipper. Tally clerk found a batch of defective or poor packing, namely in the annotate on on the receipt, and signed by chief officer, to make sure the cargo the responsibilities of both parties. But as the shipper, should strive for as far as possible not remark on receipt in order to obtain a clean bill of lading. After shipment, in addition to sending the notice of shipment to the consignee, the shipper for receiving one-way shipping company or its agent for the shipment bill of lading, then transport work come to an end. Make the settlement of exchange: the contract or l/c settlement documents prepare, after the stipulated in the contract or l/c for negotiation within the period of documents to the bank, go through the formalities of foreign exchange settlement.
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