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Selection and configuration of warehouse machinery

by:CNS     2021-07-16
The selection and configuration of warehouse machinery operations 2021-06-20 08:49:07 mainly refers to how to choose mechanical equipment and the quantity that should be equipped according to the characteristics of warehouse operations and the types of storage, and how to manage these machinery. Storage and material handling must be considered in coordination. From a certain perspective, storage is just a temporary stop when materials flow through the warehouse. Choosing the right mechanical equipment is conducive to promoting the full effect of capacity and improving the efficiency of material handling. Now, there are many kinds of mechanized equipment in the warehouse that can be used for loading, unloading, picking and handling. Handling equipment varies greatly due to the degree of specialization and the degree of manual work required. Generally speaking, equipment can be divided into three categories: manual handling equipment and fully mechanized equipment. Handling equipment. Hand-operated warehouse equipment (such as two-wheeled trolleys, four-wheeled flatbed trucks) can take advantage of its advantages in cargo handling, and requires very little investment. Most of this type of equipment is suitable for multiple goods and multiple occasions. However, some of these equipment have special uses, such as the handling equipment for carpets and furniture. Generally speaking, when the types of products in the warehouse are changing, the volume of goods in the warehouse is not large, and there is no need to invest in more mechanized equipment, the flexibility and low cost of manual handling equipment make it a good choice . However, the use of manual handling equipment is limited by the lifting and thrust of the operator. Power auxiliary equipment. The use of power auxiliary equipment can increase the material handling speed and increase the output per unit man-hour. Such equipment includes cranes, industrial trucks, lifts and cranes. However, the forklifts and their various variants are the most used by industrial enterprises. Fully mechanized equipment. With the development of computer-controlled handling equipment, barcodes, and scanning technology, some material handling systems that are close to fully automated have emerged. This system is called the automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). Fully automated equipment reflects the most extensive application of all existing material handling technologies
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