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Several special distribution center operation procedures

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Several kinds of special distribution center operation process 2021-06-20 19:59:13 The so-called special operation process refers to the procedures that a certain type of distribution center goes through when carrying out the distribution operation. There are several different types as follows: 1. The process of a distribution center without a storage warehouse is dedicated to distribution, only for the temporary storage of goods for temporary distribution, and no large-scale storage. The temporary storage area is set in the distribution site, and the distribution center does not only have a storage area. The main places of this kind of distribution center are used for tallying and distributing goods. 2. Process of processing and distribution type distribution center There are multiple modes of processing and distribution type distribution center, and the process is different depending on the processing method. In this process, the products are purchased in large quantities according to a small number of varieties or a single variety, and the products are rarely or need not be classified and stored. Processing is generally carried out according to user requirements, and the goods will be distributed directly according to user requirements after processing. Therefore, this kind of distribution center sometimes does not only set up distribution, distribution or picking links, but the processing part and the distribution part after processing are the main operation links, which take up more space. 3. Batch conversion type distribution center process In this type of distribution center, products are purchased in a single variety and large batches, and converted into small batches in the distribution center. The process of this kind of distribution center is very simple, and there is basically no work such as sorting, picking, sorting, distribution, and assembly. However, due to large quantities of goods and strong storage capacity, storage and loading operations are the most important.
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