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Shipping agent

by:CNS     2020-05-01
Shipping agent, should be familiar with how to select the appropriate shipping carrier or the mode of transportation, fully and effectively provide services to its customers. Freight forwarder should be familiar with the business scope, including the following aspects: the content of the Marine geography knowledge (1) should be familiar with the main world trade routes, inland port location, transport and distribution center; (2) to understand the pattern of international trade and its development trend, the flow of goods. Transportation means there are four types of world shipping market mode of transportation, shipping transportation, the liner conference the transport, transport of nvocc, the tramp. Liner conference is a predetermined schedule is engaged in the operation of liner companies on specific routes, with common tariff, fixed port of call. Liner conference system for the shipper has the stable freight rate, regular transport services, such as benefits, but the freight rate is usually higher. Non liner conference shipping company in recent years appeared on some international routes. Nvocc refers to engage in regular operation of the carrier, is not needed to run the maritime transport with ships. Although the carrier, on the relationship between the actual shipper is relative to the identity of the actual carrier to the shipper again. As the principal role: responsible for in the carriage of goods by sea; Using the sea the carrier, including liner conference and non liner conference shipping companies to provide services; Through the door to door service for expanding the scope of the services. The tramp has no fixed routes and schedules, can be engaged in operating on any routes, freight usually can be negotiated. For the shipper, choose what kind of transportation way considering several aspects, as freight forwarders, should be very carefully check on the implementation of the carrier. First, the transport services on a regular basis. If the goods need to be transported out in a fixed time interval, select the affiliated fixed ports, flat-rate, in strict accordance with the sailing schedule of the liner. Second, the transport speed. When the shipper in order to meet the needs of certain goods within the stipulated time to, will pay more attention to consider the transportation speed. As long as can meet the requirements, not consider the high and low cost. Third, the transportation cost. When the regular sex and speed of the transportation are not considering the main factors of the shipper, the shipping costs would become one of the most important. Fourth, the reliability of the transportation. This is to select the carrier consider another important factor. Before choosing a shipping company, independent look at its power and prestige is desirable, it will reduce the maritime fraud. Fifth, operating and responsibility. By the shipper should investigate the use of the ship owners or managers of the operating conditions and the burden of responsibility. The face of it, a the owner of the ship ownership, as a matter of fact, he will ship mortgaged to the bank and through the management contract with the bank as the operator of a ship. The operator of a ship may be the time charterer, according to the lease, owner for unpaid rent, the operator can be retained transport of goods.
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