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Shipping bulk export single transaction process

by:CNS     2020-05-30
E, original documents are not allowed to have any altered. F, cannot be written in the contract, made out to using a typewriter. 3. If the documents provided by the shipper, blank can be made out according to the following projects: A, packing list drawn up the main content for the head, invoice number and contract number, loading port, unloading port, goods name, specification, quantity, gross weight, net weight. B, invoice drawn up the main content for the shipping mark, contract number, invoice number, loading port, unloading port, goods description, quantity, unit price, total price. Third, turn to the customs declaration form according to. After the ship company collection notice, retrieve the goods under the paper. Before 3 PM in the day before the collection, the phone with the port authority freight do plan collection, small goods under article A 1/3) 。 A, go to customs clearance documents, packing list, invoices, contracts, entrusted customs agreement, customs declaration, cargo under paper, contact list, A type two couplet) , customs supervision conditions involving certificate, one copy each of the above documents. B, 1, 2, 3 Numbers for the documents must be provided by the shipper. C, entrusted declaration agreement ( Also can copy) , with the provided format build official seal of the export unit, fill in the corresponding content. D, cargo under the paper. On the basis of the previous booking, added in the corresponding position name of vessel, voyage, b/l number, description of goods need to identify, in Chinese customs need to provide shipping order receipt purpose, each chapter parties shall be affixed to the top right corner of all agents. The boat ship goods paper to invoice should be stamped with this generation of the signature.
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